Random Pictures Off My Old Phone

December 3, 2009 at 5:00 pm (Phone Camera, Random Images) (, , )

You have to transfer them to the computer BEFORE they cut off the service. Lesson learned from last time this happened…So here’s what we have, all chronological and junk…:

Stevie, getting her hair permed. With curlers. It’s definitely old news considering her hair is pretty much straight again, but she likes to look at herself on the internet!

Flowers I got for sweetest day! I also got candy but I ate it rather quickly and didn’t bother with the photo-op.

Pumpkin seeds I had the kids spend a long time digging out of the pumpkins (that we carved–there are pictures somewhere else on this site–check in october month on the calendar!) and then baked with oil and salt and forever…they were perfect looking…and then sat in the bag for, like 2 weeks, forgotten. Fun to make, not a fav to eat. Maybe next year.

The one and only book, that is not school related, that I managed to read over a 5 week period, from the library. I owe tons of fines, I got scolding letters, and the book is super-hilarious and not hard to read. But, I am lame. Reading is no longer fun. It is a vehicle for information that I have to drive into my brain so that I don’t kill anyone in the future. I highly recommend getting this. And check out her website and show. Pretty funny.


I guess that’s it.

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