Wacky Water Weekend With… / Friday Fun

July 27, 2009 at 1:41 pm (Big Benches, Cartoons, Day to Day, Pictures, TV Shows) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

So, after Mason cut all his grasses on Friday, we went to do my “Friday Fun Family Summer Project”.

Which as you may recall, I teased you with a few days ago…Benches of Love….???

Tinley Park, Illinois, just a few towns over from my own, has a lovely downtown area with shops and restaurants and a train station, businesses, etc., etc. They also have decorated benches. You know, the kind you sit on. I think they are kind of cool and I thought that we could go and park the car at one end of the main street, have a little snack and then walk up and down and take pictures of all the different designs. We could get ice cream?!? And it’s free! (The walking and picture-taking, not the ice cream) After a bit of wha..wha..wha…we went.

My other idea was to post the pictures one day at a time…kind of like…Bench of the Day, while my kids are gone. Again. On yet another vacation with their daddy. This time Monticello, IN. Indiana Beach. They go every year. And while they are gone….

See??…something to look at! I have pics with and without children. We will mix it up so you’ll never know which is coming!! Exciting AND unpredictable!!

Here’s the first one, kind of relevant to summer and the movies, “Star Trek, USS Enterprise”:


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