Warrior Dash Training!!

June 6, 2009 at 10:10 am (Day to Day, Video, Warrior Dash) (, , , , , , , , )

This is EXACTLY the same kind of training I have been doing for the Warrior Dash! I throw in a little extra running out on the trail, but this is pretty much it! I’m only sorry that I’m not making a video. But you can get the idea from this. Good Luck fellow Warriors!! You are all going DOWN!!

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Cool Word of the Day!

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Scuffle (verb)

Definition: To fight or struggle in a confused manner at close quarters.

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Day Quote

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He had been, he said, an unconscionable time dying; but he hoped that they would excuse it.

—King Charles II

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Is it against the law to post pictures of church??

June 6, 2009 at 9:54 am (Day to Day, Pictures) (, , , )


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And some kind of eternal damnation for making fun of it??

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Yo Soy el Pan de Vida

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I am the bread of life…uh huh.

What are you doing today??

Saturday. Happy Weekend! Just trying to get in a few posts and cracks at the church, so that I can be struck by lightning later at the party we are having for my niece after it turns into a thunder-tornado-rain disaster. It’s sunny and 68 at 9 am in the city. It’s supposed to storm but let’s all ask God to hold it off. One of his devoted graduates is having a party! Come on! Please?? Pray with me now….

Anyway, the above pic is from the church song book. I thought it was kind of funny. All the songs, excuse me, hymns, were about eating and food of life and drinking the blood…and I was SO hungry. My niece’s school uses Wednesday masses to have major celebratory type events. This is from the “ribbon” ceremony. (All 8th graders get a ribbon to take with them into high school. It symbolizes a bunch of things but I was busy taking the pictures and missed the explanation.) Who does an entire Mass, with extras, on a Wednesday morning, at 9 am, during my Regis, Kelly, and Breakfast Burrito time anyway??  Selfish.

Then, one week later, on Wednesday, (again) we are back in the Church, having another Mass, but this time, the actual Graduation Ceremony is attached to it. It was long and it didn’t start until 7 pm. Morning. Night. These people are all over the place.

But she made it! Got a few awards and a diploma, so it’s on to High School! She’s doing the Public School for this round of edumacation.

All jokes aside, the party is today. Hopefully it stays nice! Come out and have a drink—you might see a one-in-a-million lightning strike! You can stand next to me!

Congratulations Jesse!

Below is a pic of Jesse, in action, walking out of the church, from the ribbon ceremony. You can see the blue ribbon in the right of the pic. I like it better than the “formal” pictures.

And then there should be a graduation picture, and one with the sign. Proof! See you all at the par-tay!


Obviously, we have a few problems in our family.


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