Tomorrow Weed For Women Behind. What the??

May 16, 2013 at 3:02 am (Day to Day, Mystery Posts, Unusual, Wasting Time In General, Weird Shit Around House) (, , , , , , , , , )


What could this mean?? This could sort of be categorized under “Weird Shit You Find Around The House”, but it’s also a mystery that must be trying to tell me something. These two things were sitting on the table in the living room, together, all by themselves. Obviously left for me (?) or as a reminder to my daughter for something she wants to remember in the morning (?) maybe (?). I really don’t know. But, I really don’t think it was my son. It’s not his writing. And the words, even though they seem to make no logical sense, or form a complete, coherent thought, are all spelled correctly.

It looks like a flower. Boutonniere, actually, (I super-hesitated to type that word because I can’t spell it–but once again, the computer is smarter than me! Thank you Spell Check!),  that she may have gotten from the NJHS induction ceremony she went to tonight, to bring in the new 8th graders, to replace the graduating ones–of which she is one–in fact, she is the president of the NJHS in her school–not to brag or anything…and a 3×5 note card that she wrote those five specific words on, in green marker, no less. An act of convenience? Just a scrap that she took out to lay the flower on with no meaning to the words written upon it? And if that’s true, someone still wrote the words at some time and they must have meant something. What this really means is I need a day job so I don’t stay up half the night over-thinking some garbage left on a table in a quiet house at midnight.

Anyway…I got home and it was the only thing sitting on the table with it’s cryptic words on a plain old postcard. Tomorrow weed for women behind. I’ve read it over and over thinking that I must be missing something; like a reference to something; or a word that I’m reading wrong. Is it a slogan? Is it a chore? Something to do? Or maybe my brain is just not processing language correctly because I can’t seem to make the connection between these five words.

Alas, I must sleep with the unknown for tonight. As must you. I want to wake her up and ask, but that never works. My kids sleep so deep that if you do try to wake them up, they just get really confused and start talking out loud to whoever, and about whatever,  they were dreaming of. Sometimes they get kind of angry and act all upset that they were even woken up. Pshh. Kids right? Plus that would probably be a really bad “mom” move. Especially since it’s already 2:30 AM, and I should be asleep myself. I should never be allowed to complain about being tired when I should have put myself to bed an hour ago instead of posting this ridiculousness in the middle of the night. At least we can be sure it’s not me, with a “language” issue, because I sure managed to waste alot of words taking about how I can’t understand words. Let me end this now before I write anymore of those words. Later.

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