Before Shower Dandelion Picture With Daughter

May 30, 2013 at 9:10 am (Day to Day, Flowers, For Stevie) (, , , )


That’s one of those titles that tried to “sum up” for me so I would NOT type a paragraph about a very long dandelion. Fail. Another day another weed. I think all the yellow, then puffed, dandelions are gone now. All that is left are giant beds of spiky, dark green leaves with long stalks sticking up out of them, and dead head buds drooping over in everyone’s front yard. You can try to pull them, but beware, you never get the whole thing. Usually the mess breaks off at the dirt line and in 2 days another fully grown but somehow dead-looking stalk, with leaves, will appear in it’s place, plus three more of its friends. Dandelions know where they can spread safely. They know who’s not really serious about playing the weed killer game. Anyway, we found this one walking around on our block. Can’t get perspective on how long it is from the above pic? I know. I just thought that picture with my pretty girl was kind of nice and she always likes to see herself looking cute. The next picture should give some idea. It was the longest one we saw all season. Don’t worry. We picked it. (Duh) And photographed it. And then my daughter shook it all to hell and scattered a thousand more seeds to spread the fun as far as the wind could blow it. Yay for tall weeds!


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