Following The Pumpkin Truck

October 4, 2013 at 12:25 pm (Autumn, Day to Day, Driving To Work, Giant Food, Odd Items In General Life, Pink October, Stuff On Trucks) (, , , , )


On my way to work. On the expressway. I’ll admit, that while I was fumbling around trying to get the picture, and driving, that it would not be good if that cardboard box thing holding all those pumpkins together just broke. Pumpkins everywhere! I don’t see how I would even avoid them really. They would just tumble out and over the side and onto the road. I’ve never hit a pumpkin or tried to run one over, but I bet that without a truck I would not have much success of keeping my vehicle intact. But you know, I still had to get the picture because I am an idiot. Happy October!

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Dandelion Puff

May 29, 2013 at 12:07 pm (Day to Day, Flowers, Odd Items In General Life, Picture Posts, Posts In Pictures, Random Images, Wasting Time In General) (, , , , )


Times Two. When I came home from work the other night, this lone dandelion puff was just laying on the patio, in front of the chair, like it rolled there all by itself.  Or someone placed it there very specifically. Maybe an animal moved it. Who knows? It didn’t have a stem, or anything else, anywhere near it. So of course I wasted about 20 minutes taking pictures of it, from many angles and zooms, at one in the morning, like a weirdo. I even put all my crap down in the chair to really get down and dirty with this puff. Where else are you going to get cutting edge entertainment like this for free? Devotion to a cause I guess. And…you are welcome. The “artsy” puff is below. You are welcome again.



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Since I Need To Post Something…

April 22, 2013 at 12:29 am (Day to Day, Employed Posts!, Odd Items In General Life, Phone Pic of the Day, Picture Posts, Posts In Pictures, Unusual, Wasting Time In General) (, , , , , , , )


Why not make it the most disturbing picture I took all week. I call it: Baby Head In Corner. Third day, out of four, in a row, at work. Late nights. Saw this as I was leaving. Hesitated, but took the picture. Showed anyone I saw on the way out and everyone agreed it was creepy. Some even went to go see it for themselves, as if I would lie about its placement and location. It is kind of frightening if you stare at it too long.  And there is no logical reason why something like that would be where it was. It was gone the next day. Is there any lesson here? Or bigger message? Occasionally look down? Sometimes, don’t be afraid to peer into the corners? Ask why? Or at the very least, take a picture. For proof. Later.

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