Damn Those Fluffy Pancakes!!!

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The American Rag Jean Company and its affiliates are working overtime today! Thank you thick and heavy denim material. Thank you unknown zipper and spandex corporations! Thank you for not bursting at the seams when I put you on and started walking around upright. I look like a lumpy bump in too tight pants. But it’s the only pants I got. I am also counting getting dressed today as exercise. If you break a sweat trying to wrestle your body into something it clearly does not want to naturally conform to or raise your heart rate by attempting to defy the laws of physics, it counts. I used to do a “pants dance” that my kids thought was pretty funny. It was just me hopping around, kicking and flailing my legs, while yanking my jeans up and over my thighs and gut. These days it’s more like the pants “death dance”, with me laying on the bed very carefully, slowly and steadily  maneuvering 20 pounds of sausage into a 10 pound sack. Without ripping the belt loops off or blowing a pocket out. It’s a game of inches. And speaking of inches, football is on. I squeezed into my Peyton Manning because I didn’t know if I should wear my Clay Matthews or my Eli. They all make me look like a tank, but I think the blue jersey is the least unflattering. Now I must hobble to my shame and face the family and the food buffet I have whole heartedly agreed to contribute to. In about one hour and two drinks I won’t care anymore.

I ♥ 52!


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This is also Packer Day!

December 26, 2011 at 11:08 am (Day to Day, Football) (, , , )

Technically this should have been posted YESTERDAY. Today is actually December 26 and Christmas is over. The Green Bay Packers played a little football game against the Chicago Bears last night and of course they won. They are a 14 and 1 team. Clinched their playoff spot and got home field advantage or whatever. I was kind of busy having Christmas with my kids last night (and watching the game) so I neglected to throw something up here. These posts are probably going to start getting real scarce in the next two weeks—not that that is really unusual for me since I can go a month without a word—but because I have to really hit the bricks for a job. I can’t be unemployed for January. Things are starting to get really stressful without two paychecks and my “win the lottery” strategy didn’t work. I still have hope for my “find a giant bag of money on the street” scheme, but I’m not holding my breath.

Anyway we saw the above Packer mobile out in a parking lot at Menard’s, so of course I took pics. I am a recent fan of the Packers. Like the last two or three years. I have to keep it kind of quiet because I do live in the Chicago area and this could get me assaulted by crazy Bear fans. I even have a jersey but I have only worn it once. It’s endless sarcastic comments, bordering on threatening, one after another when you walk around this part of the world. I like to say I am a football fan. Which I really am. I have three different team jerseys and I love every one. I just got an awesome Terrible Towel for X-mas. (That would be a Pittsburgh Steeler thing—if you want to know the hows and whys I am afraid you will have to do an independent research study on that one. And then report back to me please, because I really don’t know how that started.) I also received a GB Packer coffee mug which I am using right now while I type this. Thank you BF! I also have my tiny helmets collection and some college football stuff (The Razorback Craze–you can see it all with the link to the right if you want).

So that’s it for now. We have one more Christmas to do today. My mom and family. I’m pretty sure I already laid this out in a previous post but we can’t really get together on the actual holiday because of goofy schedules, so we are doing it today. Kind of like my last vacation day in a long string of vacation weeks and months. Haw haw. Anyway I got onions that need to be wrapped in cream cheese and the tastiest processed meat, that will also simultaneously destroy healthy heart cells while you are gaining a few more robust indestructible fat cells, and remarking, “Mmm so good” along with other appetizers that are just dying to clog up those arteries stat. Follow that up with some nice diabetes and cirrhosis, I mean dessert and drinks, and we are having a party to end the weekend right! All the way until New Years anyway when we are doing it again! Ahh the holidays! Love and MI’s. Fabulous.

Here’s more pics of the Packer truck. Notice the detail. Notice the Indiana license plate that I left slightly visible so that you can draw your own conclusions about who in the hell would do this to the vehicle they actually need to drive. It has a Pac-Man on one side and Mrs. Pac-Man on the other chomping down little Bear logo’s. Creative. Helmet on the roof. Check. Green and yellow spray paint paint job. Check. Smarmy, but not too offensive insult on the back. Check. Dingleball Packer hanging decoration? Check. That weird egg carton packing material (although it may be carpet of some sort too) laid out all over the dashboard. Check. I’m not even sure what that is for. Color? Anyway, enjoy!


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Torn! X-Mas Catalog Number 2!

November 8, 2011 at 1:05 am (Christmas Spirit, Day to Day, Football, Holiday) (, , , , , , , )

It’s a Christmas catalog. But it’s the NFL Christmas catalog.

I want to say this one came the next day after the Target one. We were all pretty excited for this one. Including me. I think I even vocalized an “oooh” or two. Being the proud owner of three NFL Reebok Women’s Premier Jersey’s, I am loving the fact that I now get a catalog mailed to me for easy shopping reminders.Well, it was technically mailed to the BF, but since it’s the same address…what’s yours is mine right?? I was going through quite a football phase the last two years. It probably had a lot to do with the extreme stress I was feeling with nursing school. I needed something to focus on other than failing out. Which of course, if you’ve been reading this website for any length of time, you know that I did not. I am an RN, even if I don’t have a job to prove it. Anyway, the point is, I kind of lost my manic devotion to football this season, as I underestimated how much more intense the feeling of failure would be when I couldn’t find a job right away. Football is not helping this time. It’s not diverting like it used too. Probably because even though I’m still in school, my class is Wednesday and there is no football anywhere near that day to distract me from my homework. I do that all on my own now. So it’s not like much has changed. Again, if you read this site, even   occasionally, you know that I spend all day chasing after jobs and all night wasting study time goofing around here or just watching TV. It’s sad really. I got to take someone to the doctor last week and I had a long opportunity to read that never ending book by Denis Leary. I was hoping to finish it so I could finally post about it and be done. Seeing as I originally talked about it 2 years ago. Anyway, you would think I could just take an hour out of one afternoon and finish the stupid thing already. It’s embarrassingly easy to read, with fairly large type and lots of short, double-spaced sentences. It even has pictures in the middle! I’m not kidding when I say I could have read that book in a few hours many years ago, but my brain has altered its core function so that it is now only able to concentrate in short, random bursts. Like firecrackers. Not even. More like snap pops, those things you throw on the ground that make a popping noise. My brain kind of bubbles gently rather than erupting violently anymore. See? I just typed an entire paragraph in a direction that nobody saw coming. Not even me.

Let me see. Scroll back up. Re-read. Pick up original topic. I don’t even know what my original topic was going to be! I guess it was about the catalog. It’s football. I still want another jersey to add to my collection. My sister says they are quite flattering and very fashionable. I know she is being sarcastic, but it gives my mom something to buy for me. Actually this year, I might need a new stethoscope and some work shoes so I may go with that instead. (hint hint Rita) The other thing about the catalog is that they have the Green Bay Packers featured on the front. SuperBowl champs you know. 8 and Zero at this posting time. With my favorite player in the NFL right now, Clay Matthews. Number 52. He’s the jersey I got for my birthday. It’s so pretty and green. Really brings out the color in my eyes too. I included the Green Bay thing because, 1, Clay Matthews really is my fav right now. 2, they are undefeated. And 3, I wanted to talk about football in some post, so it looks like this is it! My original favorite, and very first jersey, was Peyton Manning, of the Indianapolis Colts, who I still love, but sadly has been injured this year and is unable to play. His past winning SuperBowl team is now Zero and 9. It’s painful to watch and the news is always saying how bad Peyton wants to come back, and how he keeps trying to find ways to play, but I just want to call and tell him it’s just not worth it. He could be paralyzed with one wrong hit and no football game or amount of money is worth  that risk. I feel so strongly you would think that we were actually friends. We’re not. Or that I at least knew him or his family. I don’t. Or that I knew someone that knew him or was friends on Facebook. Nope. This is probably how the “casually following” type person begins the “dedicated stalker” journey to crazy. My last contribution to this football paragraph is to say that my third jersey is an Eli Manning. It was really the second one I got, but third in this list. Eli is Peyton’s little brother and quarterback of the NY Giants. Interesting that I have both brothers. One step closer to the evening news!

Ok last thing. Well, two last things. I just typed another whole paragraph NOT on the subject I wanted too. And it was almost as long. This will be it for the night. I was going to try and read while I keep watch on my daughter, who is pretty sick tonight, but I can’t concentrate with the worry. I think I better try to sleep. We will be going to the doctor in the morning so it’s a good thing I didn’t finish that book today because now I can bring it with me tomorrow when I take her.

The very last thing is, that I noticed the NFL Shop catalog also threw out the word “holiday.” It’s an epidemic.

Holidays to all and to all a goodnight!

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I guess this picture has everything….

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It has green for spring AND St. Patrick’s Day. It symbolizes drinking…(which I plan on doing during this week). It reminds me of football!! It was created by my daughter who made me these green and yellow ice cubes to cheer on the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl! Which I have completely neglected b/c of school. I did watch. They won! (Yay!) and I never said a word! But it was an exciting game. Please go anywhere on the internet and type in the team and I am sure lots of good stories will pop up! Here’s a picture of those green and yellow cubes after you add the drink part. The liquid really doesn’t add anything to the party and it looks the way it would the next day on the way out! Ewwww…but it tasted fine. It’s all sensory perception…


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Dang! My neighbor is trying to start a riot over here!!

January 21, 2011 at 5:03 pm (Day to Day, Football, News, Wasting Study Time Posts) (, , , , , , )

If you read me, you know I live in the Chicago area, and even if you don’t read me, I just told you, so…

This is MOSTLY Bears territory around these parts. We do have the Packer fans of course. We ARE a tightly populated, close proximity region. Dense, even. With people of all sorts. And that’s cool. Except this weekend.

In case you haven’t heard, or have been out of the country, or just don’t read the paper or watch the news or look at the internet, this weekend has a football game going on. It’s kind of a big one. It’s for our NFC championship title and then the Superbowl. People DO get a little nuts!

It’s the Green Bay Packers of Wisconsin and the Chicago Bears of Illinois. Playing in OUR town. In OUR stadium. In OUR lifetime! It’s only been about 70 years since they played each other in a championship game! Seriously! 70 years!! (FYI–Chicago won that game AND the 1941 version of a Superbowl, played at Wrigley Field no less!) And I have to say, it is pretty exciting!

But my neighbor is like 80 years old and lives mostly alone, except for her daughter, who is not there 24/7! Good thing football is played in winter. Less traffic and likelihood of hanging around outside comparing teams.

Basically the city of Chicago, Green Bay, and probably pretty much all of the south to north area of Illinois and Wisconsin will shut down for a few hours on Sunday to see what will happen on this historic day! And it’s not just me.

I can almost hear my sister’s eyeballs rolling inside her head, thinking that I am being overly dramatic. Uh uh. Click on any sports link on any internet, the game will be there. And it sucks for Pittsburgh and NY because they play too, for the Superbowl, but no one seems to care. At least no where around here!

These are some quotes from articles I thought were funny (the first two are from the same one–click here to read the whole thing):

Not that the Super Bowl seems to matter much: Packers fans said beating the Bears at Soldier Field would be a wonderful cake, with a Super Bowl victory serving as the frosting.


“For guys who have followed the Bears all their life and truly hate the Packers, yeah, this is their Super Bowl,” said Mark Foster, 54, who plans to erect a 5-foot (1.5-meter) inflatable Bears helmet outside his home in Lansing, south of Chicago. “We can lose 50 to nothing in the Super Bowl to Pittsburgh or the Jets, but if we beat the Packers, who cares?”

AND THIS (A little history if you have the time—click it!):

The next chapter in the “NFL’s oldest rivalry” puts the Bears and the Packers up against each other for a spot in the Super Bowl. Some are saying this is the biggest game in the teams’ history; they’ve faced off 181 times before – dating back to 1921 – but only once in the playoffs, in 1941.

For nine decades, they have broken each other’s bones, and they have smashed each other’s teeth, and they have irrigated their fields with the blood of the other,” says the St. Petersburg Times. As this year’s teams head into their rubber match, both Chicago’s and Green Bay’s hometown papers are reflecting on this storied rivalry and reviving the excitement of the teams’ 1941 postseason matchup. Here, a look back, through Chi-town and cheesehead eyes, at that winter day:

Nope…gotta go read it! Link at the beginning…it’s worth the few minutes.

And even though this is old and we KNOW that the Bears and Packers are going to play, this is still a good article from ESPN (linked here):

If all goes well, Soldier Field will be the epicenter of all humanity on Jan. 23.

Now, that is drama!

Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on my neighbor, make sure no one throws stuff at her house and whatnot. And for the record, I am a FOOTBALL fan. I love the game, the whole game, the teams, the players, the physicality of the whole sport and I am totally rooting for the BEARS because they are MY home team and I want US in the SuperBowl!!

But I can’t say that I hate the Packers. And they are really good this year. The Bears are too, but man, I just don’t know! For sure it will be a good game. No doubt everyone on the field will be playing the best football of their careers. Oh yea. It is that serious! But not too serious. Lots of jokes flying around. And just cause I like you, I will end this with a joke on behalf of Bears fans everywhere. It’s from the internet, where else?

A teacher tells her class she’s a Packers fan. The class agrees with her except one little girl. When asked who she likes the girl said the Bears, the teacher asked why and the girl said “because my mommy and daddy are fans”. The teacher replies “that’s no reason to like them, what if your dad was an idiot and your mom was a moron then what would you be?” The little girl replied back, “a Packers fan.”

Thank you and Goodnight!


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December 16, 2010 at 2:48 pm (Football, Pictures) (, , , , , , )

I realized that I am a fan of Peyton Manning the most, but after that…apparently it’s linemen. According to the numbers…I like the 50’s, as a general rule.

(This picture is from the internet…thank you…only using it for fan appreciation)

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