Maxima Love

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That’s my big number. And we are on the way to the golden 200,000. I noticed that Maxima owners really love their car. Maybe it’s because they have been driving them for so long and for so many miles. I spend more money, and am willing to spend more money, to fix it than replace it. I have the 2004 version. (The best shape I think. Very “Maxima”.) Technically, and for full disclosure, I am not the original owner. That would be my BF. And he bought it brand spanking new. But we swapped cars a few years back, and my trade was destroyed in a terrible, totaling, highway accident (no injuries except the car) so I am claiming the Maxima as my own forever and always.


That’s the whole car. It needs some cosmetic work and it makes some strange noises, but it starts and takes me to work every day. If you love your Maxima, and have some time to burn, send me a comment, or a pic if you want. I know you are out there because I see you driving around in your Maxima, with the same look I have when I drive around in mine. For the most part. When I’m not dog-ass tired or coming home from work at 2 am. But I digress.Maxima people look at other Maxima people. Probably just to compare cars, but whatever. I’m not going to go into the whole big thing. Send me a comment!! We are so aggressive too. Just do it. Please. Anyway…

Let’s try to shake this site up today. My sister, the self-titled queen of all things interesting, decided that my site is too boring for her. So I am starting with fast cars (because that’s a huge reason for loving the Maxima in the first place–speed) and continuing with exciting, upcoming, posts such as, death. And pornography. I’m not kidding. I said death. With pictures. And porn. With pictures. Check back in a few if you are not automatically getting e-mails or following me. And if not, why not? Take the time and do it now. E-mail to the top right, or follow by clicking the link for it. Easy and one less thing to keep track of. I will come to you! Now that sounds exciting all by itself doesn’t it? But right now, I have other pressing matters to attend to that cannot wait. I must go to the local public perishables and supply institution. For long term staple items and body products. Bare bottom body products. Can I even type such scandal? Then I have to visit my pharmaceutical connection. I need to pick up some “medications” there. The good sh*t, that messes with your heart. Then I have to get ready to meet the brain trusts at the education center who will be teaching my children life-saving survival tactics for an ever changing, future based, random, potentially dangerous, world, that they have to be prepared for at all times. Their regimen includes hands on training, as well as written doctrine and instruction. Do not tell me that my life is boring. It is a daily grind to stay alive. And no one, I repeat, no one, gets out alive.

So don’t worry so much. Here’s some of that education in action. A picture that just sums it all up. Left on a note pad, on the coffee table, for us mere humans to decipher as we wish. Shake up the status quo every now and then. Analyze everything, and nothing, at the same time, and draw your own conclusions on how to proceed. Keep moving forward with as much kindness, and humor, as you can muster, and you should be just fine. Deep stuff. Random and hilarious. Like life itself. Later.


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Dodge Challenger 18. And 19, 20, 21.

September 14, 2009 at 6:08 pm (Dodge Challenger) (, , , , , , , , , , )

That’s kind of unfair to grab them off a car lot, but they were displayed so enticingly and so here they are.

Variety from: Basic-move-you-around-from-place-to-place, or move you fast and in a cloud of bye-bye dust. (V8 6.1 Hemi Manual SRT) For the bargain price of 45 Thousand American Dollars!


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Walking to school

August 28, 2009 at 2:43 pm (Day to Day, Odd Items Walking to School, Pictures) (, , , , , , , , )

and found a ring! Nothing fancy, not expensive, I mean, possibly valuable, in that whole, save-your-soul kind of way.

It’s silver, with the words:


wrapped around. Of course there’s a pic. It’s on top of the fish tank. They think it’s food.


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Even though I’d rather not say where I was on Sunday, the pictures speak for themselves.

August 24, 2009 at 11:44 pm (Day to Day, Pictures, Sci-Fi Line) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

…If you speak Goa’uld.

And if you know what the hell I am referring to, then I probably saw you on Sunday. Drop a line! Say hi. I know you aren’t doing anything else.

And if this is your car, I hope its ok that I’ve expanded your love to the greater universe, if they be, receiving the message…

“kalach shal tek!”

You really need to know what you are looking at here.

You really need to know what you are looking at here. And it's a blue car.

Kind of obvious. Blue car.

Kind of obvious. Blue car.

Once a sci-freak always a sci-freak. But check out the BLUE ride!

Once a sci-freak always a sci-freak. But check out the BLUE ride!

I just noticed that all my pictures are of blue vehicles. I don’t know if that is a preferable color for science fiction drivers or just a coincidence. There were other cars with other plates; A black, square, scion-y vehicle, also with a StarGate Vanity Plate, but it was driving away when we were taking pictures. My friend Beth, the one who lured me into this dark world, ALSO has a blue car. Now, I’m not saying anything one way or another, but that does seem mighty suspicious now…

These are with the phone camera. I did bring the real, broken, dropped camera too, and I might have something on there. I think I got mind-melded or something because I can’t remember. Ha. I kid. Don’t suck out my brain.

I better hit the sack. I have a full day of school and I have to practice giving enema’s! What will YOU be doing tomorrow?

“shal met!”

By the way, the BF and I both have silver cars.

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The Crayon Box

May 21, 2009 at 5:25 pm (Music Lists) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

I tried to keep them in magical, Rainbow order. (ROY G BIV +) But mix them up if you like, they get kind of janky toward the end anyway.

1. Lil’ Red Riding Hood / Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs

2. 99 Red Balloons / Nena

3. Red House / Jimi Hendrix

4. Red Hot Java Blues / Matt Hendricks

5. Redneck Woman / Gretchen Wilson

6. I Saw Red / Warrant

7. Little Red Corvette / Prince

8. Red Red Wine / UB40

9. Red House / Buddy Guy

10. 99 Red Balloons / Goldfinger

11. Orange Crush / R.E.M.

12. Orange Amber / The Vines

13. Tequila Sunrise / The Eagles

14. Sunset Grill / Don Henley

15. Amber / 311

16. Mellow Yellow / Donovan

17. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road / Elton John

18. Yellow Submarine / The Beatles

19. Yellow Ledbetter / Pearl Jam

20. Green Cotton Dress / Correatown

21. The Green Manalishi / Judas Priest

22. Pale Green Stars / Everclear

23. Green-Eyed Lady / Sugarloaf

24. See Green, See Blue / Jaymay

25. Blue Sky / The Allman Brothers Band

26. Blue Letter / Fleetwood Mac

27. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain / Willie Nelson

28. Blue Bayou / Linda Ronstadt

29. Blue Jeans / Silvertide

30. Behind Blue Eyes / The Who

31. Blue Denim / Stevie Nicks

32. Blue Moon / Sha-Na-Na

33. Devil Dressed In Blue / Right Away, Great Captain!

34. Post Blue / Placebo

35. Forever In Blue Jeans / Neil Diamond

36. Devil With The Blue Dress On / Good Golly Miss Molly / Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels

37. True Blue / Madonna

38. Blue Jeans And A Rosary / Kid Rock

39. Blue Suede Shoes / Elvis Presley

40. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes / Crosby, Stills & Nash

41. Blue Shadows / The Blasters

42. Blue Highway / Billy Idol

43. Blue Lamp / Stevie Nicks

44. Gray Or Blue / Jaymay

45. Silver, Blue and Gold / Bad Company

46. Mood Indigo / Nina Simone

47. Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue / Crystal Gayle

48. Violet And Blue / Stevie Nicks

49. Violet / Hole

50. Purple Haze / Jimi Hendrix

51. Purple Rain / Prince

52. Brown Eyed Girl / Van Morrison

53. Brown Eyed Handsome Man / Waylon Jennings

54. Brown Sugar / The Rolling Stones

55. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown / Jim Croce

56. Mr. Brownstone / Guns N’ Roses

57. The Boys Of Summer / Don Henley

58. Brown Eyed Girl / Everclear

59. Back In Black / AC/DC

60. Little Black Backpack / Stroke 9

61. Black On Black / Dalbello

62. Black Hole Sun / Soundgarden

63. Black Magic Woman / Santana

64. Paint It Black / The Rolling Stones

65. Black Betty / Ram Jam

66. Black / Pearl Jam

67. Black Eyed Dog / Nick Drake

68. Welcome To The Black Parade / My Chemical Romance

69. Black Dog / Led Zeppelin

70. Man In Black / Johnny Cash

71. Man In The Long Black Coat / Joan Osborne

72. Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) / The Hollies

73. Black Balloon / Goo Goo Dolls

74. Black Is Black / Los Bravos

75. Fell On Black Days / Soundgarden

76. Black Velvet / Alannah Myles

77. Black Horse And The Cherry Tree / KT Tunstall

78. Black Or White / Michael Jackson

79. Black And White Thunderbird / Britt Savage, Fred Mollin And The Blue Sea Band & Jaime Babbitt

80. White Wedding / Billy Idol

81. White Horse / Taylor Swift

82. Dirty White Boy / Foreigner

83. White Flag / Dido

84. Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) / The Offspring

85. White Houses / Vanessa Carlton

86. White & Nerdy / Weird Al Yankovic

87. Silver Springs / Fleetwood Mac

88. Grey / Amie Miriello

89. Pink Houses / John Mellencamp

90. Black & Gold / Sam Sparro

91. Gold / John Stewart

92. Heart Of Gold / Neil Young With The Stray Gators

93. Gold Lion / Yeah Yeah Yeahs

94. Gold And Braid / Stevie Nicks

95. Streets Of Gold / Needtobreathe

96. After The Goldrush / Neil Young

97. Almost Golden / Courtney Love

98. Sister Golden Hair / America

99. Gold Dust Woman / Fleetwood Mac

100. Bold As Love / The Pretenders

101. Karma Chameleon / Culture Club

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Dodge Challenger 6

May 20, 2009 at 10:47 am (Dodge Challenger) (, , , , , , , )

These were taken by the BF driving home from work yesterday. He says, “Sorry, not as skilled at taking pictures with my cell as you are, while I’m driving.  Especially when I am doing 65 on the expressway.”

But they’re not bad. Check out the arty, side view mirror shot, looking back. Very “in motion”, and “moving fast” like.


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