Street Money Update!

December 21, 2009 at 6:15 pm (Street Money) (, , , , , , , )

Because I have to!! We been finding all kinds of money along the road….(say it with a southern accent ‘cuz its fuh-uhn!)

It’s been mostly nickels and whatnot…but on yet another glorious night of me failing with the cooking skillz, we found ourselves at the local McDonald’s where I spied with my super eye (in the parking lot. in the dark. several spaces from where we parked.) a folded up bill of unknown quantity. No one was around, no other cars either…in case you wonder…

It was five bucks!

I swear if I wasn’t so lazy I would make us all go to the mall and skulk around looking for lost money. Times are hard you know, and I hate to beg.

Anyway here’s the other money we found on various days from the last days we calculated (listed by coin to make it more interesting):

Quarters: 4 ($1.00)

Dimes: 4 (40¢)

Nickels: 2 (10¢)

Pennies: 9 (9¢)

Plus that 5 dollar bill. Grand total: $6.59

That’s not too bad. Check here for the year. Getting close to the end!!

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