Street Money Update!

August 12, 2009 at 2:44 pm (Street Money) (, , , , , , , , )

I was running. Doing my five miles around the neighborhood. Trying for my goal of under an hour. And just as I am on the last block, the VERY last block until I round the corner to my house, there on the ground: penny.

Check the watch: 58 minutes, 45 seconds…forget it…too close. I can make it if I don’t stop. It’s just one penny anyway.

15 strides later: Another penny! Poop! Still, I can’t stop.

15 more strides: Dime! Near the sewer hole in a crack. Ok, I am in the 59 minute range now. I have one minute to get to my house. I know I can do it. I tell myself I’ll go back. For my cool down walk I’ll go back up the street the opposite way and pick up the change. It’s only 2 blocks over.

Satisfied, I pick up the pace: Another penny!! This street has not been scavenged in a long time!

Keep going though. Get to the corner, sprint the block ends and turn onto my street. Run, run, run! Oh yeah! Pass my driveway, stop the watch, try to breathe without throwing up! One hour, 15 seconds. I consider it a success because I got stopped at a main intersection with stoplights for at least 30 seconds to a minute, two times (my run is a circle), so technically it would have been under.

So I go take my stroll, lots of people are out on the block. I slowly walk around, head down, in the street, looking for that change. That’s kind of weird I suppose, but everyone has their hobbies. And I managed to find it all!

The count was 13¢. Not bad for a little exercise.

Year total is here!

See you on the next run!

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