Your Boogers Are In The Chicken

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This is the kind of thing I say on a regular basis in my house. We stay up way too late. When we stay up way too late, we get silly. When we get silly, we laugh and make jokes. When we laugh and make jokes, we sometimes say hurtful things to each other. When we say hurtful things to each other, one of us storms out of the room like a little bitch. When one of us storms out of the room like a little bitch, the rest of us just laugh harder. Don’t make the rest of us laugh harder. Stop being a cry baby. Put in a tampon and get back in the game. Wait. No. I think I might be mixing up my metaphors with commercials and football pep talking. At any rate, this whole scenario just played out in the living room about 10 minutes ago. Well, not that scenario. That scenario was based on the above chicken and my sister’s birthday present to my son. Cash and a box of Boogers. Leave it to my sister Noelle to find something gross and hilarious. And we keep all our “back-up” candy in the chicken. (That’s the candy that won’t get eaten right away, but we don’t throw out because you never know when you might need some sugar in any form available. You know, stuff like DumDum’s, Smarties, LifeSavers, Cheap Chocolate Coins, etc.) Like my cousin Linda just said to my daughter today, “We are silly people. It’s in our blood.” Yes. Yes we are. But sometimes it can be a curse. Deep sigh. Insert picture of “Boogers” here:

See? It’s my own fault. I am not a strict mom. I make too many jokes and am never serious enough. My kids like to run off the rails with their witty humor and fast comebacks. Because I let them. And they can. They have the good sense of humor that will be a bonus when they are older but can get them in serious trouble right now. And they like to use my own words against me. Usually I can get everybody back on track without a lot of effort. But this time there were too many wheels in the gravel and the cars were piling up behind the engine. Nobody was listening to the engineer. Me. And the only way to get the control back is to pretty much do a “Hancock”  and stop that train dead in its tracks. What this means though, is that I have to get angry and abruptly end any kind of night we are having to get my point across and then send everybody off to bed. Unfortunately, just like in the movie it causes a lot of extra damage. Actually now that I’m thinking about it, it is exactly like that. Everybody starts complaining about the way the train was stopped and its like the train is still moving but now its slowly sliding down the side of a cliff into a ravine with a rapid river at the bottom. (Say that five times fast) It’s no good. Then the train falls into the water and lays there, still complaining, filling up and sputtering for air instead of just getting up, saying it’s sorry and being glad we are all still alive. I might have mixed up my metaphors again, but you get the idea. Focus is obviously not my strong point, at least not here, or when I write stuff down. I have lots of thoughts and slow typing fingers. And I can really lose my own track when I get going so I am not surprised that my kids may act the same way on occasion. Especially when it’s late. And they are tired. My kids have these crazy, smart, dazzling personalities that I am so impressed and fascinated by. I want them to have the big life. But sometimes they have got to just stop when I say stop. And that’s where our weak spot is. We don’t have a good switching system in place. We need a better way to flip the switch and change the direction of the train before it crashes into the abyss. We are working on that. Everyone is still in bed and this night is most definitely over, but we are all thinking about it a little more. And since we never end the night on a bad note, because you just never really do know what might happen, here’s another picture of that Booger box:

Picked out especially for you! Maybe tomorrow I better just post a breast cancer thing. I have a store display, so unmagnificent, to put up here, that you will be sorry you wasted any of your valuable computer time clicking over to my site to even look at. But it’s like a train wreck. You have to look. The picture. Not the site. Well, maybe the site too. Come on! What else are you gonna do?? Click. Scan. Move on. Oh, hey, one last stopping-the-train thing. Spider Man 2 has an excellent train stopping scene in it. I was going to use that as my movie reference but it’s not really a “dead stop” and the people are all grateful in the end. Not applicable to my situation. Plus I don’t feel tired after. I am just glad it’s finally quiet. Anyway it’s a good part in the movie. And finally, here’s one more, completely random, and unrelated to any of the above 900 words, picture, of my children doing something together, and in sync (Comma alert! That last sentence may be a record holder for me. Count em’ and weep.) Here’s that pic:

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Birthday Trains and Firetrucks

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My nephew’s birthday is this weekend and we are going for a party. I always get the best presents. Mostly because  my sister buys the thing he wants and then I give her money. She loves to shop and I really don’t. Then she wraps it up and calls to tell me how much. She left me a message last night, so I’m all done!

His favorite things at the moment are trains and firetrucks, which is so like me, because I love firefighters and guys in uniforms! I bring it up because I created an awesome play list on his behalf. I thought of it while I was doing the traveling roads one and now I have an excellent excuse to roll it out today! It’s sunny and 80° here in Chicago. Throw on some cute shorts and run your lazy butt down past the firehouse, we have exercising to do.

In honor of my nephew and our shared interests, here is:

“Ethen’s Train & Fire” List

It’s hot.

And because there was so many darn songs, I threw in a little Extra Heat”

FYI, I know you want to know…he’s going to be four (4) this weekend.

(Firefighters are still hot, even if he doesn’t care.)

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Ethen’s Train & Fire List

May 20, 2009 at 6:31 pm (Music Lists) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

1. Crazy Train / Ozzy Osbourne

2. Morning Train (Nine To Five) / Sheena Easton

3. My Engine Is With You / Bush

4. Rock N Roll Train / AC/DC

5. That’s Alright / Fleetwood Mac

6. Downbound Train / Bruce Springsteen

7. Peace Train / Cat Stevens

8. A Train Not Running / Chris Knight

9. Nightrain / Guns N’ Roses

10. Machinehead / Bush

11. Fire Woman / The Cult

12. Light My Fire / The Doors

13. I’m On Fire / Bruce Springsteen

14. Fire And Ice / Pat Benatar

15. Through The Fire And Flames / Dragonforce

16. Settin’ The Woods On Fire / Johnny Burns

17. Rooms On Fire / Stevie Nicks

18. Fire / Jimi Hendrix

19. House Of Fire / Alice Cooper but sung by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

20. Wildfire / Michael Murphey

21. Crossfire / Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble

22. Paper In Fire / John Mellencamp

23. Play With Fire / The Rolling Stones

24. Fire Burning / Stevie Nicks

25. Ring Of Fire / Johnny Cash

26. She’s On Fire / Train

27. Sex On Fire / Kings Of Leon

28. All Fired Up / Pat Benatar

29. Come On Baby / Wakefield

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