Birthday Trains and Firetrucks

May 20, 2009 at 6:40 pm (Day to Day) (, , , , , )

My nephew’s birthday is this weekend and we are going for a party. I always get the best presents. Mostly because  my sister buys the thing he wants and then I give her money. She loves to shop and I really don’t. Then she wraps it up and calls to tell me how much. She left me a message last night, so I’m all done!

His favorite things at the moment are trains and firetrucks, which is so like me, because I love firefighters and guys in uniforms! I bring it up because I created an awesome play list on his behalf. I thought of it while I was doing the traveling roads one and now I have an excellent excuse to roll it out today! It’s sunny and 80° here in Chicago. Throw on some cute shorts and run your lazy butt down past the firehouse, we have exercising to do.

In honor of my nephew and our shared interests, here is:

“Ethen’s Train & Fire” List

It’s hot.

And because there was so many darn songs, I threw in a little Extra Heat”

FYI, I know you want to know…he’s going to be four (4) this weekend.

(Firefighters are still hot, even if he doesn’t care.)

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