Happy Father’s Day!

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Another year. I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by great dads my whole life. My kids are equally lucky. I don’t know how I managed it, but I am thankful. To all those daddies out there putting in their time, it’s worth it, keep at it, you got this! You are making a difference. And of course, I can’t let an opportunity go by to post my favorite picture.  One dad. Standard issue. Military grade.  I see you more and more every day when I look in the mirror at my wrinkly forehead and my squinty pale eyes. It’s weird, but it’s working.

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Baby Watch 2013

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They tell me this is a baby picture. For some reason, when I got this on my phone, in a text message, after my brother’s wife went for the ultrasound, I just could not figure it out. I couldn’t “see” the baby in here. After some help from an outside source (another pregger lady in my family who happens to be another sister-in-law) I was able to see the image. At any rate, this is the little one we are waiting for. My brother texted me last night that they went to the hospital late to start the exit process. As of this morning, no baby yet. I hope he doesn’t get mad that I posted this. It’s a beautiful day to have a baby and become a new daddy! Good luck little brother and mama! Hopefully not too long now! Later.

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Monday Morning. Back to the grind…

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Weekend is over. It is Monday and back to the very specific and hunger inducing Extreme Fat Smash Regimen. Now, we took a few liberties with the diet this weekend…drinks and bad food Saturday(Crawfish Boil)–alot of GOOD food,(and fun) but not good for the bellyroll; then more bad food and cake for Sunday(the B-day party)–OK food–plus pizza! but again, not good for the bigger bellyroll. So if you are keeping track at home, we are on Day 6 of Week 2. Since the party times didn’t really start until afternoon/evening, we tried to stay close to the diet early and then modify a little for nighttime. AND the exercise was key. The boyfriend managed to work it in at the gym, I had to use more home-based methods, but moving is losing so we’ll see at the end of the week.

We are changing it up a bit to accommodate our Saturday Weigh Day. Used to be “free day” on BFL, but not anymore. Free Day wasn’t really working for us, as it’s hard to keep it to a day. You feel good all week, lose pounds and then go crazy eating what you think you’re missing and have to work twice as hard for the next week. So basically free day is not free anymore. We will be extending EFS until Friday, using the weeks of 1 or 2 and their first 3 days of meal plans to take us to Saturday morning–then we’ll be right on track for all the plans we follow. And NO free day. The craziest we’ll be getting for a while now is Exercise-Break-Day!! (Rest Day as it’s written in the book.) Watch out!

To sum-up the parties in case you are interested:

Saturday: The Boil was bubbling! The weather was crap, but the people were fun and the food was awesome. The music, however, was totally lacking! I spent the time making the playlist;  A nice mix I felt of the old and new, but alas, I had no where to play it. The party and conversations didn’t really fit for music playing. Talk was the preferred audio. But now I have playlists forever…I can exerpt pieces of the list everyday for a month! LazyTime for me, and a list you can piece together however you like. I recommend the random playback selection. Nobody can complain then! That list will start in a few days, I have a better idea for today.

Sunday: The Birthday was bashing! Had the family:  mothers, sisters, brothers and all the kiddies that come along with them. We threw in a couple of friends and partydone. I made the famous dip (Taco-my version that I feel is the BEST) but of course, I forgot to take the picture. I also made the Better-Than-Sex Cake (Or the Better-Than-SpongeBob Cake for the PG audience–sorry sis about the intro to the S-word for yours…), also my recipe–sort of. The basic idea for it can be found anywhere on the internet, but I like to alter it and add more stuff to make it MORE “Better Than–you know what”. The last one I made was 8 pounds! I weighed it. It’s rich and thick with evil sweetness. And again, I forgot to take the picture. BUT, I did take a photo of the vegetable tray. Lucky you. There was like, 5 dips that I forgot to label and then got all mixed up…it was like dip surprise! Hey its a party–you just never know what might happen! Don’t we all just sound crazy and out-of-control?!? Oh come on, what do YOU do on Sunday??

So basically, everyone eats, singing, presents, chit-chat, gossip, and goodbye. In the end my one sister (with hubby and 2 kids) stayed later, we ordered pizza, and they left. Clean up and off to bed. Exciting stuff.

And I have to add, for my kids benefit–both must be treated equally; after all the cleaning, even carpet shampooing…no one messed up the floor except my own 2 kids!  On Saturday afternoon, Mason spectacularly dumped an entire cup of my coffee right off the table and onto the floor, creating a pretty splashy brown stain right where we all sit. We gave him quite a hard time, but got it cleaned almost invisibly by Sunday Party Time. Then, to be fair, Stevie decided to drop her plate-sized piece of  BTS cake off the table and onto the EXACT same spot that Mason spilled the coffee, but with the added bonus of doing it in front of everybody!  Now we have dark dark chocolate with syrups and whip soaking into the fibers. This floor stands no chance of staying clean past March. Pressure is off! Thanks guys! I love you!

Oh and my one friend–the sci-fi gal, told the family about this running log of nothing–so if you are reading—this is the big idea for the day—the music list is for you. My family. Mothers, sisters, brothers…(There weren’t any daddy’s. ODD.  The only technical dad present was my sisters hubby, but I was meaning more like the dads of us adults–we love ya J! but we have to give the dad’s their own list. I’ll tack it on later. A 2-for-1 Bonus Day! Once I started compiling family songs—there’s alot—the dad’s had enough for their own. Good but kind of bad too. There are alot of ticked off rock stars who don’t like their daddys–sorry guys)

With that said, it’s all about Family Fun. It’s all about YOU!

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The DAD’S List–All about the Papa’s–2 For 1 Special Today!

March 30, 2009 at 3:25 pm (Music Lists) (, , , , )

1. Papa Was A Rolling Stone / The Temptations

2. Papa Loved Mama / Garth Brooks

3. Daddy Sang Bass / Johnny Cash

4. Pensacola / Joan Osborne

5. Don’t Cry Daddy / Elvis Presley

6. Gone Daddy Gone / Gnarls Barkley

7. Papa Don’t Preach / Madonna

8. Father Of Mine / Everclear

9. The Story Of My Old Man / Good Charlotte

10. Never Again / Nickelback

11. Father Figure / George Michael

12. Dance With My Father / Luther Vandross

13. A Boy Named Sue / Johnny Cash

14. Wonderful / Everclear

15. Emotionless / Good Charlotte

16. Too Bad / Nickelback

17. Cat’s In The Cradle / Harry Chapin or Ugly Kid Joe does a good version…(possibly THE most emotional song on record for the guys about their daddies–at least in my experience)

18. Because Of You / Kelly Clarkson (not sure if this is about the dad or the mom or both, but it ends the list a teeny-tiny-little-bit more upbeat)

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