One More Curve Shot And I Am Done With This. For Now. Promise.

June 15, 2013 at 1:14 pm (Clouds, Day to Day, Family, Graduation, Wasting Time In General) (, , , , )


Found it from last summer. You guys are in for a summer long treat fest now that I have found all my old pics from the old computer. Plus this is a good picture for my site to be stuck on if I can’t post any more today. Because I really really really have to go. I am going to be in massive trouble with my family if I don’t get the hell out of here. The End.

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The Curve Challenge. So Many Great Shots Out There. I Need To Seriously Step Up My Game For The Future.

June 15, 2013 at 1:05 pm (Big Sky, Clouds, Day to Day, Graduation, Heat, Summer Break, Weather) (, , , , , , , , , )


And we just lost internet for the last hour. The BF saw the AT&T guy doing something to the lines behind our house at the same moment our internet blinked out and he literally, got in the car and drove to go get him. Happy ending! He fixed everything! No problem.

So, I see all these amazing pictures and I am humbled. I am splashing around at the water’s edge of a giant ocean of talent. I need to swim out farther or go lay down in the sand and watch the adults play. Speaking of water…I have the underwater shots too. My daughter sent me something else I can use but I was having trouble getting it to download until this morning. That’s coming up later. I have to go get a cake and some chicken and head over to the par-tay. Sun is peeking out. Temperature is rising. Things are looking up. Here are some various curve pictures just to throw out there for fun and then I will stop and go back to my clouds and rain pics that still haven’t made it here because I type too much. Have a hot and steamy afternoon if you are anywhere in the Midwest right now.



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This Is Not The Way.

June 15, 2013 at 11:16 am (Day to Day, Food News, Losing the Fat) (, , , , , , )


Sorry Doc. I guess I will have to start that diet next week. I haven’t had those delicious breakfast burritos in soooo long. With that spicy good Hot Picante sauce that the McDonald’s Corporation is being super stingy about handing out with their breakfast foods. Signs everywhere restricting the “sauces per order per item”. It’s so stupid. And even when you ask for more packets, AND are willing to pay for the extra sauces, they act like it’s a huge inconvenience, or that you are committing a crime against the purity of their food preparation. Where are these sauce packets that it takes so long, and three different people, to get? Are they stashed away in a secured vault with a time lock or some kind of multiple employee fingerprint/eyeball unlocking mechanism? Seriously they aren’t that good. This is the truth: Sometimes, even when I really really want McDonald’s, or the kids do, I’ll just skip it because I know what a pain in the ass it will be to get what I actually want. Plus the two stores closest to my house are terrible with service, speed, and getting the orders right. Even with the nuggets, the sauce is wrong or missing altogether, more times than not. Doesn’t McDonald’s have enough money without over doing the sauce thing? Its a sauce conspiracy! But I don’t want to have a whole post complaining. I mean, I did get it today. Spent my money. And ate all of it. And tonight the Charmin Corporation will be thanking me for using lots of their fine product. Gross Point Ending. Play on words. Later.

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Now Where Was I? Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves. And The Sprinklers.

June 15, 2013 at 9:51 am (Day to Day, Home Improvement, The Grass, Weather) (, , , , , , , )


Because I just realized that all these pics are curved in some way. But I don’t want to start posting just based on themes. The sprinkler “system” above and just a curvy hose below. I was going to put this up next anyway, but I got distracted with the bigger blog world. The same way I have been distracted already with the blue jay, the little baby rabbit, and the momma rabbit in our yard, the sprinklers, the sod and the tree fauna we have growing out of our gutters. Of course I have pictures. I took 20 pictures of the baby rabbit just sitting on a log. Same position. Same zoom. I can’t stop myself. Anyway. I need to eat. So I am taking a quick break. We went and got the new sprinkler so I think the grass might have a fighting chance now. Plus it’s trying to rain out there. I was wrong. Any plans you made, based on my weather predictions are probably gonna get rained out. And the sod is still viable. Double fail on seeing the future. My daughters grad party is today too, so, like you, I will also be taking shelter in a garage somewhere. But I will be telling my daughter,  “Everything will be fine. Rain is good luck! It’s still a great party!” Later.



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

June 15, 2013 at 8:28 am (Day to Day, Picture Posts, Posts In Pictures, Road Trip, Summer Break) (, , , , , , )


This is my big “curve” shot. Following up on an idea from another site that is pretty cool, right here (thanks for the info and the comment reply!): CLICK THIS!

I always love a theme. I will waste tons and tons of time taking pictures of almost anything as you can see from this site. Anyway, I already had this picture taken from last Wednesday. My son is a permit driver now, so he drives the car and I can sit in the passenger seat and take as many pictures as I want of anything in front of us. I thought this looked cool. The kids thought I was crazy. “Orange cones mom? Really?” Yes really. I even posted it on Instagram. It got zero likes. But I don’t care. I take pictures for myself, mostly, and this site, and posterity, in the bigger scheme of things I guess. And at least one other person in this fabulous internet world ALSO thought it was a good idea! Respect.

UPDATE: I am learning so much lately about this whole blogging world. I see there is so much to participate in and be a part of. Here’s hoping I can follow simple instructions. I am re-titling this post and tagging it proper for this weekly challenge thing. This pic does not compare to the one on the main site, in fact, mine looks kind of cheesy now, but I’m doing it anyway! Thank you WordPress!

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