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November 4, 2011 at 3:39 pm (Day to Day, Holiday, Shameless Self Promotion, Updates) (, , , , , )

Isn’t that a terrible word combination?? It sounds like a disease or a fancy cheese. Anyway, I can thank my sissy for helping me construct postings with more depth and attention to detail. She was confused by some of the things that are written and why, and it did occur to me that my last post could seem cryptic and confusing. If you go back and read, at least the last four days, Oct. 31 to the present, AND read the comments, you will be all caught up and in the know. While you are there, in the comment section, click that “like” button too, please!! It’s right there under my words—THAT’S what gives me all the “blog cred”–like street cred, but in the blogging world–yea yea I know, I never used to care either. And I feel ya’ if you don’t want to read posts AND comments too. I know I never do. Especially if there are like 50 of them. Luckily for you, there’s usually only 1 or 2, and they are in really short sentences. My reply’s are usually what take the longest to read. They are like mini-posts within the big posts. I do love to write! At any rate….Just do it!

I couldn’t think of what other picture to use for this, so I just put up pumpkins. Kid designed and cut. It’s awesome because I literally, do not have to do anything anymore by way of participation in this Halloween process. Nothing! They can carry and move them, draw them, cut them, gut them, and design and finish them. They can even use fire to light them. They said I could post their costume pic too, so that’s below.

As you can see, they look less than thrilled at having to stand there. Lately if they get that close it’s because they want to punch each other. I guilted them though with the whole, “it’s probably the last Halloween costume picture I’ll ever get with you two” spiel. It worked. Sort of. If you look close at the bottom left corner you can see my finger in the view. I had to take these pictures quick because they refused to pose and this is the best, and only, pic I got with both of them in frame. Teenagers are fun!

I have to go comment some more on my newest comments. And again, thank you all for reading!! I found money on the street today so I am about to update that little category. Hold on to your Friday, cause we are on a roll!

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I believe the word you are looking for is “MASTICATE” !!

November 4, 2011 at 10:55 am (Birthday Wishes, Day to Day, For Lorraine, Giant Food) (, , , , , , )

Thanks cuz!! You crazy lady!! But, for the effort, here is a giant piece of cake for you to chew on!! This is also your birthday gift! Doesn’t it look delicious? Can you see how big it is?? America has problems with these giant desserts.

Anyway, I didn’t realize your birthday was the same day as “Leftover Halloween.” Another fine holiday that I made up yesterday. If I had known I would have included you in the festivities.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! To my cousin Lorraine!!! Wooo… are my most consistent reader and commenter!! (Throwing out that challenge to the other five….step it up people!!) And an all around cool chick on her own! (If anyone is confused, she’s the one who lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere, but they do have internet, so win-win!) Hope the day was great! And thank you for giving me an excellent opportunity to post that picture of the giant chocolate cake. I seriously had just  moved it to my “extra pics” file a few days ago, heartbroken, because I had no good reason to put it on here. In your honor, I have created a special category “For Lorraine” (to the right) just for you! YOU ROCK!!

Coincidentally, I might have to start “macerating” my food just so I can eat! Jaw pain stinks!! I’m still undecided if it feels better or worse yet. Let me choke on a few more food items today and I’ll let you all know! I figure that if I can swallow, I’m good! I would re-phrase that or take it out all together, but I’m keeping it in there for the fringe crowd. Spicing it up on a Friday with some edgy humor. Trying to grow a larger fan base. Oh snap! There it is!

Now I have to go drive to the airport!! What, wha…??? I know. It’s not funny and it wasn’t meant to be. I literally have to go and drive someone to the airport in like, 4 minutes, so I guess I better go now. Keep reading! Tell your friends! Post a comment! By the time I get home it will be socially acceptable to start drinking for the weekend! Later!

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