Just a little devil before bed

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Just a quick last post before I go to bed. I cannot stay up again until 3:30. I need sleep so I don’t kill myself driving my friend to the airport tomorrow.And more importantly when I’m driving myself home all alone.

We saw this altered car tag on the road somewhere last week and now here it is. I like this picture better than that cartoon witch and I wanted to leave my website with some good karma tonight. That way if anyone happens to click on my front page they’ll see a fairly cool image and think I’m all hip and stuff. And then the person who clicked it gets to be hip too just by association. It’s a public service I provide for free. Coolness for everyone!

I think I’m harboring a fairly nasty ear and sinus infection that has spread into my left jaw. It’s mainly at the joint and hurts mostly when I chew.  Thank goodness I can still open my big mouth and jabber the words away. Although I have to say it feels best when I just shut up. I am even considering a trip to the doctor but I’m holding judgement until morning. Besides it’s really a great way to drop a few of those unwanted pounds. Liquids and soft foods create the least amount of stress to my mandible. (Ding ding. Twenty dolla’ word up in this house. Holler.) I am hungry though. That pain med I took is probably kicking in and I need some rest.

May your glass be always full, and may your roof be always strong over your head, and may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows your dead. ~Irish toast

That was a little extra for all the ones who stay out way too late. Sleep sweet and good dreams.

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Stevie’s Joke of the Day! Leftover Halloween edition!

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This Halloween board goes along with the Halloween Bench that I had posted a few days ago. It’s a whole big thing, and it’s perfect for Stevie’s Joke of the Day!

How far did the witch fly?

Ghost to ghost.

You are welcome!

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November 3. Or as I will be calling it: Leftover Halloween!

November 3, 2011 at 1:54 pm (Day to Day, Holiday, Skeleton Trees, Weather) (, , , , , )

I still have lots of pictures and relevant things to say about the last three days. It can’t be over already! Look at that very cool picture! I took that with my CAMERA phone. Sometimes I still cannot get over how good technology has become. Wait until you see this picture of a snake we found. The pictures are so clear, it’s like you can see into his soul!

But this is a good picture for today. This is pretty much what it looks like outside right now. I guess we are lucky no more. Autumn seems to have arrived, all damp and bone chilling. I will not complain though, because the last few days have been beautiful and it is supposed to stay in the 50’s for the next week or two. That means I do not have to turn the furnace on yet! I try every year to see how long I can wait. It’s usually until the kids complain they are freezing, and actually cry tears. It sounds worse than it is. Usually the temp in the house is about 58 or 56. That’s not really even all that cold considering the air temps. It just seems cold when it’s in a house. There is a debate on what the record is. I think it may be Nov. 4 or Nov. 20th or so, around my daughter’s birthday. The BF thinks we might have made it all the way into December. I don’t know about that. It gets cold very fast around here, so that seems unlikely. But for the new record this year, we are easily at November 3. Go nature!

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Final shot, as promised. It is very late and the dead have returned to their rest for another year.

November 3, 2011 at 3:09 am (Day Quote, Holiday, Poetry for People) (, , , , )


I don’t know if I built it up too much, but I like it. I like the idea of this small altar with the skulls and flowers all around and the candles that will burn into the night.

Picture this altar, meticulously and carefully arranged upon a stone slab in a crowded graveyard in a burnt-orange town or sand-blown village. Children are laughing and playing amongst the dusty tombstones. Families are sharing food and drinks while gentle breezes skip, soft and dry, touching lightly and lifting easy over warm and blushing skin, the way it does when you are far out in the desert. As darkness falls, the dusky air gets cooler and the little ones gather and tuck in closer as night takes hold. Final words are said and prayers are whispered too low to hear, eyes and hands search and fold, clutching at the skyline, but the time has come to say goodbye. The dead are left to lay, quiet and peaceful, resting again, with their own. They remain as bodies below our feet, yet spirits within our hearts and minds. While the flames of our steadfast watch silently burn, deepest night arrives. Black and still, it covers and comforts even the most restless soul and it seems intrusive to stay. When dawn lifts her weary head to herald in a bright new day, the magic will be gone, hidden amongst the wilted flowers and broken candy shells. In the glare of unforgiving sunlight, the altar is just a colorful reminder of what we remember and why. We feel lucky and joyful to be alive. We pay our respects but save a bit for ourselves. We must now carry the honor of  living for those who cannot. Time belongs to us again and we have a job to keep.

(Dia de los muertos by Pristine Cartera-Turkus)

God pours life into death and death into life without a drop being spilled.  ~Author Unknown

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