Oh man, the news just keeps coming…Pocket Poker…defeated!

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This is what I used to do before technology…Pocket Poker. If you have read any of the past posts…and really, why wouldn’t you? Is my life not just soooo exciting?? Don’t answer. The goal of the pocket poker is to get good hands (of cards) and get more points, with the ultimate goal of getting a Royal Flush! That would be an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten…all of the same suit. Well, hold on to your hats folks….because I did it!!

Done and captured forever on camera:


I love how it just says, “WIN” on the top. I also got 3000 points for that little achievement.

No, none of this means anything in the actual world. I didn’t get any real money, or any phone calls from important people…in fact, no one really cared at all, except me. And you, of course, now that you know.

I continued to play off my giant win and I think I am down to 2095 points now, with no hope to ever win that kind of “money” again.

I kicked that game to the curb. The joy and thrill of winning is gone…plus it’s really old and the keys stick terrible. You have to really press on them to make them work and I was worried that it would stop altogether. So I have been searching for a new game. The ones out there are not good. Small. Annoying graphics. Weird digital numbers. Hard to read. But, as if in a cosmic alignment of the poker gods, just as I won the Royal Flush, a new game appeared on the horizon, sent from the heavens to gently land at the SuperTarget, and wait for me to stroll by one Friday night…The new, improved, updated version of my exact same game! And it works like a dream! Everything I wanted and more. It even has a light for playing at night! Same company, same style.  The only difference is regarding the Royal Flush points. The old was 3000, the new is only 2500. Eh…details.

Here’s the picture that you knew would follow. Lights off. Lights on.


So as you can see, you are not really missing much with me being so busy with school. Still in it. Waiting for Christmas. I’ll have almost a month off between semesters. Just think all the random, unimportant *?!@#$%^&*! you’ll get to read about!

Next up, Challenger pics. I’m still seeing them out there driving around. Although by the time I can even get one, everyone will have one and it won’t have the same impact. Although that does save you all from having to look at the website of Challenger pictures I would most likely put up every single day…ha. I joke but…”here’s my car at school, and here’s one at the grocery store, here’s the car at my sister’s, here’s one at the bank…” it would be so sad. But I did get a new phone, so the pictures should be better! Also, I have been seeing alot, ALOT, of the new Camaro’s driving around looking all badass.

I never seem to be ready for the picture taking anymore.

Alright. Breakfast is cooking and I am running out of time before this computer shuts itself off. (I am limiting myself to battery power only.)

Back to the books.


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Let’s shake off the alcohol buzz and talk about money…Street Money Update!

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And it’s a good one.

I’ve been saving the pennies, nickels and dimes we’ve been finding all over the place, for one big post when I had time to do it.

Today is your lucky day!

Keep in mind, we pretty much find money everyday now, but with my schedule it’s too hard to put a few cents in here on a daily basis. But based on last night’s little post and the fact that I am hooked on some stupid internet game thru the facebook…i can take some extra time on Sunday to share this exciting money total! School prob won’t suffer any more than it did with my two martini study group if I wait a few more minutes today…let the fog clear and the headache subside…

Anymoney…here is the top news first (everything else after is anti-climatic, but it is still money!):

Approx. one month ago: In a pizza restaurant parking lot, as we were leaving, just laying on the ground folded up: Twenty dollars! Yes, 20! Twenty. It was dark too. I spotted it and picked it up. I figured it was some bill, but twenty was a surprise!

Oh, and I think Mason found a penny as we were going in!

Then I made notes on a scrap paper like this:

Lisa 2¢

Bowling: M= 1¢ S=$1.27

M+S weekend, 12¢

Penny at clinical.

1¢ at school.

10¢ Stevie school.

More school money, 47¢ with a date, 10/12/09

And then I have a bunch of loose change that we found and put on the microwave just waiting for this special day: 21¢

Grand total for the last month or so…$22.23!

Not too bad. This will boost the numbers for the year. Check here.

Thanks for following the madness. Poker is next while I still have battery power….

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