Let’s shake off the alcohol buzz and talk about money…Street Money Update!

November 8, 2009 at 11:05 am (Street Money) (, , , , , , , )

And it’s a good one.

I’ve been saving the pennies, nickels and dimes we’ve been finding all over the place, for one big post when I had time to do it.

Today is your lucky day!

Keep in mind, we pretty much find money everyday now, but with my schedule it’s too hard to put a few cents in here on a daily basis. But based on last night’s little post and the fact that I am hooked on some stupid internet game thru the facebook…i can take some extra time on Sunday to share this exciting money total! School prob won’t suffer any more than it did with my two martini study group if I wait a few more minutes today…let the fog clear and the headache subside…

Anymoney…here is the top news first (everything else after is anti-climatic, but it is still money!):

Approx. one month ago: In a pizza restaurant parking lot, as we were leaving, just laying on the ground folded up: Twenty dollars! Yes, 20! Twenty. It was dark too. I spotted it and picked it up. I figured it was some bill, but twenty was a surprise!

Oh, and I think Mason found a penny as we were going in!

Then I made notes on a scrap paper like this:

Lisa 2¢

Bowling: M= 1¢ S=$1.27

M+S weekend, 12¢

Penny at clinical.

1¢ at school.

10¢ Stevie school.

More school money, 47¢ with a date, 10/12/09

And then I have a bunch of loose change that we found and put on the microwave just waiting for this special day: 21¢

Grand total for the last month or so…$22.23!

Not too bad. This will boost the numbers for the year. Check here.

Thanks for following the madness. Poker is next while I still have battery power….

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