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Visuals from internet. Looks nice. Like vacation.

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Business Fair Blast!

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Fun and surprisingly tiring.

We worked off the booty for 2 hours.

And this is selling to middle schoolers. Those marketplace folks are EARNING their money!

Stevie even turned a profit. We won’t have any official numbers until next week, but she did good.

The kids are so funny. At the end, they started trading product for product for personal profit. Everyone wanted a snack but no one wanted to use those hard earned dollars. They made good trades too. Very fair. I guess that’s what kids are really good at. They have nothing but their stuff and their friends and everyone wants to go home happy.

Street Money Update Here!

(Extra BONUS feature! Lucky!)

I found a penny, laying in the parking lot, walking out of the school!

(Check the Street Money Page for our total for the year.)

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View ImageNot the kids, just a visual from the internet.

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Stevie’s Stop and Shop! $$$

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Flamin’ Hots and Icy Pops!

It’s the Business Fair at my daughter’s school. Everyone in her class is an entrepreneur.

Social Studies. Economics. They are covering supply and demand, salesmanship, business plans, advertising, and profits!

Everyone sells real things for real money. Then they go on a field trip. Mini fund raising and a school project. But you got to know what to sell!

Mine is doing  lunch-size, hot/spicy snack chips and popsicles; the kind in the plastic tube that you cut off. Pretty genius. Give ’em something hot and then something cold. Cheap too! 50¢ and 25¢. She should turn a profit and hopefully sell out. Parents and friends are invited to shop, just like a real marketplace. I have to bring the pops though, and obviously they have to be frozen. That alone should be different enough to spark interest. And for a quarter! It can’t be beat!

PLUS, we got the weather! Today, for a few hours only…80+ degrees!! Those popsicles are going to look extra cool and refreshing!!

I know I sound like the advertising, but by the time you see this, it will be over. I mostly wanted to lead in with a good theme for today and a music list. What else? MONEY!

It’s all about the….what?$?$?

Have a snack, sit back and chill with a list for my girl:

“Money!” Cha-ching!

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Internet…I wish I could take a picture of $100 in my hand

Click it and make it big! It won’t get you more money, but it’s fun to see GIANT bills

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Money! Music List

April 24, 2009 at 3:53 pm (Music Lists) (, , )

1. Money / Pink Floyd

2. Money Changes Everything / Cyndi Lauper

3. Money For Nothing / Dire Straits

4. Moneytalks / AC/DC

5. Before The Money Came (Battle Of Bettye LaVette) / Bettye LaVette

6. For The Love Of Money / The O’Jays

7. Free  Money / Patti Smith

8. Got Money / Lil Wayne (feat. T-Pain)

9. Gimme Your Money Please / Bachman-Turner Overdrive

10. I Got Money Now / Pink

11. Got Your Money / Ol’ Dirty Bastard (feat. Kelis)

12. If You’ve Got The Money I’ve Got The Time / Willie Nelson

13. If You Got The Money / Jamie T

14. Makin’ Money / Handsome Devil

15. Money (That’s What I Want) / Flying Lizards

16. Money Maker / Ludacris

17. Take The Money And Run / Steve Miller Band

18. What Do You Do For Money Honey / AC/DC

19. She Works Hard For The Money / Donna Summer

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Money—off the internet….one last look at the good stuff…

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April 24, 2009 at 11:51 am (Pictures) (, )

Neil Patrick Harris

Internet/Wikipedia site picture. And TV Guide Pic.

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Neil Patrick Harris has the Fresh Mouth!

April 24, 2009 at 11:49 am (Day to Day) (, , )

On Regis and Kelly. He was filling in for Regis. They have a guest host every Friday!

I know. I know. I started watching after the news and now I’m hooked. I swear I turn the tv off right after. So let’s just leave it at that and not keep going on…

I have to say. Man. NPH. So hot. Way too good looking for 9 am. Very handsome. Very sexy. I know the status. He plays for the other team. That’s fine. A lady can look.

On the show, he was doing some trashy talk and got time delayed. It’s live and it’s early and its family fare so we can’t have any of the bad words leaking out into the homes of the straights. It was funny though. He said porn. Just once. Everybody gave him the side eye and chuckled and there you go:  time delay.

Then wouldn’t you know it, they call a woman who used to work for the phone company and she was telling them how they come up on caller ID and how the phone rang in her house before they dialed on the tv, accusing them of using props…and they had to fess up to the time delay for the saucy talk.

Anyway. I like him. I liked him on Doogie, even though I only watched a few times. The one episode I was lucky to see was when he kissed the girl, a girl, some girl.  Unfortunately I don’t know who it was or what it was about. But what I do remember is the kiss. It was one of the best kisses I had ever seen on tv. Seriously. I tell people about it all the time.   It looked so real and strong confident.  Passionate, I guess. I don’t really like that word but I’m not sure what else and I had to be  younger–teenage maybe…early adult…and I don’t know if I had enough vocabulary to describe it. I’m going to look it up and see if I can find it. AND post it! I see lots of other sites that put cool stuff in. I want to be cool!

UPDATE: I will not be cool, I guess. I couldn’t find any video of the show with a kiss. But I did find alot of  “Best Kiss Ever” Videos. I guess there are alot. It’s prob better anyway. Don’t want to spoil my memory. I’ll just include my list…first ones that jump to mind.

Other kisses, in my opinion, that are good:

Desperado. Obvious. Salma and Antonio on the roof. I think every one says that.

Tremors.  Don’t laugh. Kevin Bacon and co-star, at the end. He just swoops her into his arm so naturally its lovely.

Tin Cup. Just remembered. Kevin Costner and Rene Russo. Outside by the tree and the truck. Sexy.

Whatever. I stand by my life-long kiss choices.

So, since I stink at internet downloading or whatever…but I included a link to see NPH in the Old Spice commercial. Better than nothing.

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Desperado/Tremors/Tin Cup

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