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If it has to be only one:

Because I used to, and people like to do what they used to do...

...after they've stopped being able to do it.

---Paul Newman as Brick, in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof / DVD Cover

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This is what you are looking for at the video store!
(The picture is from Wikipedia–also nice to use as a source.)

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Day Quotes / Cat On A Hot Tin Roof / Special Edition

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Today it is all about Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. The movie. (Based on the play by Tennessee Williams) I just finished watching it again. That makes it my 3rd time. It just keeps getting better and better. The acting is phenomenal, the script, the dialogue…Liz Taylor and Paul Newman.

The old movies, I am quickly discovering, are countless times riskier and more scandalous than anything they make today. It is evident, in the restraint that they had to show visually, and the care that they had to use, choosing every single word to make every sentence mean more than what is merely said.

So I dug out some of my favorite parts/lines/sections of the movie and put them here. They are in dialogue form. In the sake of saving myself typing time, use this guide for all of the below:

Paul Newman is Brick

Elizabeth Taylor is Maggie the Cat

Burl Ives is Big Daddy

I hope you enjoy this little stroll through cinema past with me. And if you haven’t seen the movie yet…go get it right now! You will not be disappointed.

This first one is from my favorite part of the movie. If you didn’t think that Liz and Paul  had chemistry or are two of the “greats”, you will after watching this. Those expressions. Those EYES…ooh la la…

Little Girl: What's Uncle Brick doing on the floor?

Brick: I tried to kill your Aunt Maggie...

...but I failed...

...and I fell. Little girl, would you hand me my crutch, please?

Little Girl: What were you jumping high hurdles for?

Brick: Because I used to, and people like to do what they used to do...

...after they've stopped being able to do it.

Maggie: That's right. And that's your answer.

Now go away.

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Day Quote 2 / Cat On A…

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Big Daddy: They tell me you were indulging in some athletics
last night.

Brick: I was trying to, yes, sir.

Big Daddy: At 3 in the morning?
What were you doing on the high school athletic field
at 3 in the morning?

Brick: I was running and jumping the hurdles.
They've got too high for me now.

Big Daddy: Because you were drunk!

Brick: Sober, I would not have tried to jump even the low ones.

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Day Quote 3 / Cat On A….

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Big Daddy:   But it’s always there in the morning, ain’t it — the truth? And it’s here right now. You’re just feelin’ sorry for yourself.That’s all it is — self-pity. You didn’t kill Skipper. He killed himself. You and Skipper and millions like ya are livin’ in a kid’s world, playin’ games, touchdowns, no worries, no responsibilities. Life ain’t no damn football game. Life ain’t just a bunch of high spots. You’re a thirty-year-old kid. Soon you’ll be a fifty-year-old kid, pretendin’ you’re hearin’ cheers when there ain’t any. Dreamin’ and drinkin’ your life away. Heroes in the real world live twenty-four hours a day, not just two hours in a game. Mendacity, you won’t… you won’t live with mendacity, but you’re an expert at it. The truth is pain and sweat and payin’ bills and makin’ love to a woman that you don’t love any more. Truth is dreams that don’t come true and nobody prints your name in the paper ’til you die… The truth is, you never growed up. Grown-ups don’t hang up on their friends… and they don’t hang up on their wives… and they don’t hang up on life. Now that’s the truth and that’s what you can’t face!

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Day Quote Final / Cat On A….

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Brick: Win what? What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?

Maggie: Just staying on it, I guess. As long as she can.

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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof / Movie Still

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This is from Wikipedia’s website.
If you want ALOT of movie pics go to

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Cool Word of the Day!

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Mendacity (noun)

Definition:   Prone to, or marked by, lying or deceit;  Untruthful

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Street Money Update…on the Front Page!

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In order to generate more interest in my craziness, or help you skip the post faster…I am putting the Street Money Updates on the front page too!!

Oh, I know…you are welcome!

All 10 of you out there haven’t been asking, but I’m just doing it anyway. PLUS…we had two exciting breakthroughs.

One: We broke the 10 buck barrier! Made it in just under May.

And number two: The boyfriend finally succumbed to our kooky will and picked up some stray money right off the ground!

(Special note to the BF: Now you will never escape!  …hahahaha)

Anyway, I’ll still keep the separate page, because I like to have a fast spot to just throw it in when I am lazy, but now I can make witty comments and post it for all my fans so that you can have something funny to read and get you thru your day!  But don’t bother today, checking both places, because I used the same hilarity. Why think of 2 funny things when I can just use one? Save it for the next time. It’s a limited resource people…as my family will gladly tell you.

Have a great day and when you are out walking around…LOOK DOWN!! (occasionally…to look for money…get it?…but look back up too because you don’t want to get hurt or walk into something…) Oh the jokes…

2009 Current Count (as of 4/29/09) : $10.24 (Broke the 10 dollar barrier!)

Found alot last night out and about. I didn’t find any. But my family did! Grand total: 53¢

By person:

Mason: 5¢

Stevie: 38¢ (she was working it! she was searching)

But the big news is the boyfriend! Making his first appearance in the Street Money page, after 4 years of our madness, he picked up…loose change! Off the ground in a parking lot sometime during his day! HA! We got him! It was only a dime, but that’s how it starts…(please laugh your most evil laugh…NOW!) Bwah hah hah….

Boyfriend: 10¢

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