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Visuals from internet. Looks nice. Like vacation.

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Business Fair Blast!

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Fun and surprisingly tiring.

We worked off the booty for 2 hours.

And this is selling to middle schoolers. Those marketplace folks are EARNING their money!

Stevie even turned a profit. We won’t have any official numbers until next week, but she did good.

The kids are so funny. At the end, they started trading product for product for personal profit. Everyone wanted a snack but no one wanted to use those hard earned dollars. They made good trades too. Very fair. I guess that’s what kids are really good at. They have nothing but their stuff and their friends and everyone wants to go home happy.

Street Money Update Here!

(Extra BONUS feature! Lucky!)

I found a penny, laying in the parking lot, walking out of the school!

(Check the Street Money Page for our total for the year.)

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View ImageNot the kids, just a visual from the internet.

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