Speaking Of Drinking…

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You know you need to work out when you are too weak to pick up your big bottle of booze. Real time pic using the coffee maker (12 cup/full size) for reference. Hey. Don’t judge. We didn’t start at the top. We slowly graduated up to the party version. It’s more economical. Picture proof below. Although I really shouldn’t. It’s embarrassing that we even have all these bottles (we don’t; anymore) and that we took a picture. (The BF did it. I’m just posting it because we are immature.) It’s a nice shot though huh? Super sharp and clear. His new phone takes really good pictures. I’m so jelly. Later.



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Stevie’s Stop and Shop! $$$

April 24, 2009 at 3:56 pm (Day to Day) (, , , , , )

Flamin’ Hots and Icy Pops!

It’s the Business Fair at my daughter’s school. Everyone in her class is an entrepreneur.

Social Studies. Economics. They are covering supply and demand, salesmanship, business plans, advertising, and profits!

Everyone sells real things for real money. Then they go on a field trip. Mini fund raising and a school project. But you got to know what to sell!

Mine is doing  lunch-size, hot/spicy snack chips and popsicles; the kind in the plastic tube that you cut off. Pretty genius. Give ’em something hot and then something cold. Cheap too! 50¢ and 25¢. She should turn a profit and hopefully sell out. Parents and friends are invited to shop, just like a real marketplace. I have to bring the pops though, and obviously they have to be frozen. That alone should be different enough to spark interest. And for a quarter! It can’t be beat!

PLUS, we got the weather! Today, for a few hours only…80+ degrees!! Those popsicles are going to look extra cool and refreshing!!

I know I sound like the advertising, but by the time you see this, it will be over. I mostly wanted to lead in with a good theme for today and a music list. What else? MONEY!

It’s all about the….what?$?$?

Have a snack, sit back and chill with a list for my girl:

“Money!” Cha-ching!

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