This Is That Sunrise I Was Talking About

February 16, 2012 at 1:51 pm (Day to Day, Employed Posts!, Weather) (, , )

I just realized, while driving home last night from work, that I will always be driving home in the night. It will always be dark. At least while I am working where I am. And on this shift. I guess I will have to get used to that. Luckily the weather has crash-coursed me in the various types of hazardous and generally all-around crappy driving conditions it could give me in a mere 2 weeks. Dry, sunny, overcast, misty, drizzly, rainy, downpoury, icy, sleety, snowy, and foggy, with varying degrees of mild to sub-zero temps, sometimes all within the same night.  And let’s not forget the wind. I have experienced stock-still air and winds so strong I could feel the car being pushed to the side of the road. The other night it was a mixture of pretty much all those things, kind of a snow watch thing, and the wind was blowing so hard, it looked like a blizzard through the windows. Luckily I was safely inside my workplace. I was going to go clean my car at lunch but the wind was blowing so much, the snow never really stuck. That was kind of nice. Now it’s sunny again and pretty mild, but I don’t have to go anywhere. Work is trying to get me to go solo but I’m really not ready. In preparing for my alone time, I have been staying after to do the paperwork part. It’s nice because I get paid to stay but it’s bad because that puts me later home. And I still have to get up at 6 to get the kids up for school. I am trying to stay up right now and fight the urge to just go lay down for a minute or an hour. I hate wasting all this beautiful daylight but I don’t want to be a zombie at 7 pm. What to do??

I’m going for the awake time. I can sleep all I want when I’m dead right? Better go pay some bills and get ready for the kids to be home. It’s my only week day off and they want to go to the store for stuff that they need to live. The long work weekend is next. I’m excited for the day when I no longer feel nervous and panicky but confident and professional. I guess that won’t come until they throw me in the water without any floaties. And I survive the night. Eight hours is the shortest time on Earth when you are alone with the people and all their medications. And that’s easy part.

You can feel as scared as you want on the inside, but you better look cool, calm and collected on the outside. It’s the confidence credo: Fake it til you make it. Later.

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Transition week!

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Day 30 for me and I think I found my new favorite workout! It’s Core Synergistics. And it’s sweaty good fun. I need to make this somewhat short…my short I guess because I have got to get to bed. Besides school and the P90X I’ve recently devoted my life to, I am going to take a motorcycle class in the early a.m. (and then the next day and the whole next weekend…I mean if you’re gonna do it…) with the BF and get my license to ride, all official like. I even went to my first Harley store to purchase some gloves (they’re required for class) and got on the mailing list and a rewards card! I suppose it’s not really bad ass to take a riding class thru the state but…I get to ride a motorcycle!

So P90X. Day 29 and 30. Start of Week 5. I added an extra week of Phase 1 because I wanted more of a boost into hardcore fitness. Plus, I have to run 5 miles in three weeks so I need the weight help. And I didn’t feel like I was really “getting” the exercises and I missed a few days here and there. Also my diet was not the greatest. Besides, Tony says you can!

So now I am in transition week to Phase 2. Yesterday was Yoga X. Oh man! What a workout! I had sweat dripping in my eye! I was super warm and stretchy!

Here are my big accomplishments:

1) I was able to do the standing leg extension, one leg, TOE GRAB!!, and balance for almost 30 seconds! That felt great! What a difference! I almost had to take a picture for proof. I still might actually.


2) I was able to do crane! Oh yeah! I did it. I did it for, like, 2 or 3 seconds! Then I fell. Then I did it again. Then I fell. For one minute. Up and down. But it was feet off the ground! What’s funny about this yoga though is that I did alot of these moves in grade school. We used to balance on our elbows all the time and do plough and shoulder stand for fun. But that’s the key probably. We didn’t know what the hell we were doing and we weren’t aware we were “exercising”. Now it’s like work. Dammit.

Then we (kids and I) did Tony & the Kids for about 30 minutes. It’s an older DVD geared towards kids and it takes all the P90X moves, funs them up, lowers the reps, but keeps the cardio aspect. It was goofy at first but we were sweating by the end. Plyo, Kenpo, Yoga, Core, it’s all there.

Then today. Day 30. Core Synergistics. My first time. Holy Ab-A-Rolly I don’t even know what this is! Everything. Arms, legs, abs, weights, pushups; Ridiculous. WTF. Pushups. I was so beat by the end of the hour I could barely lift my arms for the cool down. Now that’s crazy and that has got to be X enough!

So after I’m done and I can lift my pen and my arm has stopped sweating all over the paper, I can write in my exercise/diet notebook. I like to keep track daily of what I’ve done and how I feel and all that good stuff. It’s kind of like this but much much shorter and to the point. This is the expanded version of…everything. Anyway, it’s about diet. I tell myself to eat better, drink more water, keep exercising, don’t overweigh, etc., etc. Then I give myself a pep talk along the lines of: if you stop eating crap you can get more muscles/tone/definition and less flabby/shaky/jiggly/cottage cheesy/dimply. I can be smooth and firm! I’m brutal!

Clothes Alert!! Final boost of the day!

After my shower and personal hygiene thing, I prepared to put a pair of jeans on with the usual tug and pull maneuver I named the “Pants Dance”. My kids think it’s pretty funny. I jump from foot to foot, holding onto the beltloops for dear life, while thrusting a limb through a pant leg until they basically work their way up to my waist then I can stand or lay into them with a classic scootching, twisting, wriggling shimmy, so I can get them high enough to zip and button and adjusted to fit around the thigh and knee and crotch and waist all at the same time. Occasionally (every single pair of jeans I own) the loops break and leave the telltale hole at the seam. Don’t need beltloops when your pants are almost too tight to even put on. A belt really doesn’t add anything to the party when there’s already too many people there!

But today, lo and behold, those pants slipped right on! My weight hasn’t changed beyond the 6 pounds (maybe 7) I lost already, but my body feels different. Those pants went right up very comfortably with little to NO muffin top! Now that is worth pushing play everyday! P90X! Bring. It.

And that’s where I am ending it tonight. It is way too late and I am way too close to 5 am! I’ll post more about all the other stuff and pictures too after I get my three hours of sleep and finish my class and go bowling and eat and school supply shop and all the things that everyone does everyday.

Wherever you are…enjoy the day, for it is glorious! And I love a good sunrise.

Thanks for hanging through to the end. Until later then. X it.

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