Sunday Afternoon With The Manning Brothers

October 7, 2012 at 4:33 pm (Football, For The Cure, Pink October) (, , , , )

NFL. A Crucial Catch. NY Giants and Eli Manning right now. Denver Broncos and Peyton in a few minutes. (Don’t worry Chicago–I’ll flip back and forth to see if the Bears can stay good.) But I’m sad that I had to miss the Pack and Clay today. Major Sad Face. (Or “Turtle Face”, I still need to post a pic of that for the uninitiated. Scroll down to see the new Fathead commercial with Mr. Matthews and then I dare you to post me a comment that says he is not the bomb.) I think I need to invest next year in the NFL Sunday Ticket. Football is good for everyone. It gets my house clean and the laundry done.  My kids have both abandoned me for other weekend activities but at least I don’t have to work tonight! And my sissy just said she is coming by to hang out so I need to wrap this up so I can go chat and start drinking in preparation for Football Night In America! Ha. Just kidding. There won’t be that much chatting. Later.

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