The In’s And Out’s Of Product Placement

October 9, 2012 at 11:56 pm (For The Cure, Pink October) (, , , , , )

Hoo–ahh I am funny. I am cheating a little by back dating this post for Tuesday but that’s the beauty of having your own media outlet. You control what the people see. And when. Well, don’t I just sound power crazy. I’m not. I’m just trying to hurry and I want my little calendar to the right to have a blue date every day. It’s nuts how these small things can make a difference. Or not. Personal demons and neurosis aside…we went shopping and of course I took pics of all the Breast Cancer displays. People in the store were kind of looking at me, probably wondering why the hell I would be taking pictures of food shelves and cardboard stands, but that’s ok. Anyway this is product I buy. They roll out the pink packaging once a year and we go for it. Looks pretty. Now let me see if I can post this and then get another one out before I leave for work…it’s always a crapshoot. Ha. I said crap. Nice ending huh? Classy. Later.

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