Cereal For The Cure

October 6, 2012 at 2:04 pm (For Mason, For Stevie, For The Cure, Pink October) (, , , , , )

Saturday morning! No work! Getting another post in for Pink October! Didn’t even realize I had bought the “pink” cereal. So there’s the front.

Here’s the back. This is part of the Save Lids To Save Lives campaign. Yogurt is expanding out to cereal boxes. And other General Mills products. I’m not endorsing any one company, charity organization, or food group. Well maybe the food group. Boxed food is my kind of cooking. Anyway, this is just putting info out into the world. You pick your cause and how you want to contribute.

And since it is Saturday and all my original plans got canceled, I think I might post some other stuff too. For fun. Plus it turned cold on us here in the Midwest. Summer is over. Just like that. Thursday afternoon 82 to Saturday morning 34. I took Mason to football practice and then sat in a quiet house, in the overcast living room, on the big couch in the corner, drinking coffee, reading random written materials and playing games on my phone. It was nice. I think I might go shower now and put on a clean set of comfy clothes and get ready for a night in. The girl is going to a friends house and the boy is going to homecoming. My job is to drive and pick up and take pictures. I will also prob update some of the feature pages to the right there. Every now and then I like to add a new pic or change some wording around. I haven’t posted any street money in awhile, or a NY coffee cup, or even a magazine collection upgrade. I’ve recently added nursing mags to the growing pile of “things I look at every day but never actually read”.

I must also throw in a quick side note of thanks and appreciation to my fabulous and tolerant BF who only complains a little bit at a time and lets me squirrel away crap like this without totally blowing a gasket. I got rid of all the End Of The World clippings today and three magazines so far! (I bought the BF a semi-serious, humorous mix of facts and fun, daily desk calendar counting down the days to the end of the world this year, and he brings them home for me periodically to read. Good material. I have some posts in the hopper dedicated to our last days on Earth. But time really is running out, and at the rate that I post, if the world does end in December, none of this will matter. We will all die never knowing what hilarity I had in store for us! Oh, the humanity!) Anyway…3 mags and the loose papers. This might be the weekend honey! (OCD is a disease. Hoarding is a mental disorder. Don’t judge.)

Alright the day is moving forward. Let me wrap this up and try to go for the record of two posts in a day. After I take care of kid and house business. Until later then, I leave you with my pink kids. They took this pic of themselves just goofing around, but it’s good. They look happy and healthy and it’s one of my favs now.

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