I need a vampire over here!

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I should be studying…but instead I am waiting for my kids to get home so we can drive in the car. We have a few more things to do and it’s a good way to spend some time with them. My girl is leaving for the weekend and the boy has spring break fever. They start and I end, so our time is always off. Speaking of…

It’s Thursday and boy did my spring break just fly by…stinks. I have only studied half of what I need to. No. That’s a lie. I probably only studied one fourth. However, I did manage to drag my lazy carcass to the gym to run on the treadmill. Really don’t have a choice. I am still only up to three miles. But–under required time. And on an incline. I think I will be ok for six miles but it’s outside and I am hope hope hoping that the weather will break by April 3rd. I can’t stand running in the cold. Especially at 7:30 in the morning. And as an added bonus to finish out my nursing program, my body has decided it will give me some blood pressure problems. Doc wants me to take the drugs, but I seem to be having side effects to the most basic dose. I feel that my lack of exercise and poor eating habits and high stress in the last nine weeks have caused this unfortunate circumstance. Especially since I was fine in July before I started again in the Fall. So, exercise I will force myself to do and stick to the recommended diet while still taking the meds although at an adjusted dose. In 12 weeks I should be getting the all clear and hopefully be many pounds thinner! Thank you getting older!! First the crappy near vision and now the B/P…what a crock!

Anyway that’s why I need the vampire. I need to stop the aging process. Sure I’ll be one of the undead but considering the options, I think that would be alright. Death is not really going to work for me and I don’t want to be a werewolf. That change seems painful and I am trying to avoid extra pain. I’m not really a fan of the whole “not going out in the day” thing because my classes are in the day and that would mess up all my plans. Crap. Looks like diet and exercise again. I will tell you a giant medical secret right now. For every modern medical miracle and medications and treatments to cure or alleviate all that ails you, the single best way to feel better and prevent lots and lots of problems is…you guessed it…healthy diet and daily exercise. The nine pound book I lug around every day is full of things that have no preventive measures and you definitely need everything there is to offer in the medical world, but if you are able to prevent even one extra problem, I say do it. Hell, do it anyway. Even if it makes no difference at all. It feels good. (After) I am always a reformed believer when I am walking out of the gym. But it’s so darn hard to get in there! Ok I think that’s enough with the sermon for today. Can I get an Amen??

On an entirely different topic…I was goofing on the internet but it was acting flaky so I thought I would update here on all the other boring things I do or say I will do. Here’s what I have accomplished thus far:

Laundry! Oh yes. So sad. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that ONE day of clothes wearing, by four family members, generates TWO loads of laundry?? It’s true. It has the potential for three if the clothing happens to be white or needs extra cleaning techniques. Not that I would ever do that. I’m more of a throw everything into the pot and see what happens. (Except red stuff, I do try to pick out the red items from any light stuff. Especially after I ruined my first pair of white scrub pants by turning them a lovely shade of pink due to said red items.)

I have also been cleaning…kind of. Starts and stops. I still have tomorrow. That is mostly–well, ONLY–because my sissy is coming to my house next week and she’s very particular about where her dust and cobwebs are. She likes all that stuff outside. Me, I can take quite a bit of nature surrounding me where I watch TV. But for her, I shall clean.

I have also managed to watch quite a few old movies this week, as I like to do when I am home in the daytime. TV mostly sucks. But they play alot of 30’s to 50’s movies on amc and Turner, or TNT or TMC,  I think. That’s where I saw Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. A really excellent movie and a nice place to start if you have never seen a Liz Taylor movie (She passed this week, I know I didn’t mention it, but I have no other connection besides that movie—and I hate to pretend like I was such a fan when I’ve really only had recent and minimal knowledge of her talent and life’s work—she was a  groundbreaker and an advocate for those who could not speak for themselves. Rest in peace.)

I guess I should list some but the only one I can think of right now is called Smarty. It would never go over in this day and age, but it was funny. It always comes down to the writing. These movies have a lot of words. Not too much action or special effects because there just wasn’t technology to do it. There are a few more, but I would seriously have to go on the internet to look them up and get the titles and I am just so lazy right now. Plus the kids are home, eating their sushi snack (yes, they like sushi and they will eat the kind they make at Target so it’s not that expensive and I can buy it ahead) and then we are going outside. It’s cold but it’s sunny and I need my Vitamin D.

Looking back, this whole post seems kind of random and scattery, but I am leaving it as is. I will be staying up late tonight for real. So I will probably post into the night, in between study breaks. I have to devote time to the books and get back into the stream of things for next week…it’s gonna be a good one…until then…later.




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Tuesday. First test…Wish me luck…

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Nervous. First test of the first class. Requires 4 alarms and a wake-up call. Well, not the call, but I did have 4 alarms. I know that seems crazy, but this is my new normal. I need to do well. But first I need to get there!

So I was very ready to go. Got there early. Had my pencils. And erasers. I was sure I knew the material. But the first test is, really, the first test. How will the questions be? Tricky? Easy? Complicated? Way too vague? Way too detailed? Words galore? Or to the point? Blah blah blah…It’s always the bar…

By the time you are reading this, of course, I will be done.

I did take the test, and unofficially, got  2 wrong. For the amount of questions on the test, that’s not too bad. Still fits into the grade I am aiming for. Official results are to be posted later through the school website.(I’m keeping it vague on my part because I don’t want to give away any info that shouldn’t be given away. But I want to share the experience and have a place to think out loud and work it over in my head, privately, but publicly (?), I might be a little neurotic…my family will thank you after I go over it 20 times with them and they just can’t take anymore!)

Anyway, I’m glad for the summer class and the chance to get an idea of the work that will be required. It’s a lot. I only hope I can finish, and then finish respectably.

Hug a nurse. They gave a lot to get what they got. They deserve it.

And now, I’d like to say I can relax and read a trash magazine and just chill until tomorrow when I start reading school stuff again, but I can’t. I stupidly booked a dentist appointment for myself (and my son–needs it for school registration), and, I am sorry all you dentists/hygienists out there, but I HATE going to the dentist! I know it’s irrational. I know it’s just a cleaning. But I dread it. I don’t like the teeth poking, the x-rays, the gritty toothpaste, the suction thingy, etc…I have always been afraid, and I can’t seem to shake the fear no matter how old I get.

A little story to illustrate: After years and years of recommendations, I finally got my wisdom teeth out. You would have thought I was having major surgery to remove organs and limbs and rebuild muscles and bones. I talked it to death with anyone who would listen and I made my mommy come with me for every appointment. Pre-, day of, after, check-up, re-check-up, cleaning, packing…whatever. It was last July and I thought I was going to die. Literally. I even made a will. Official and everything. Witnessed, Notarized and Kissed by a Lawyer! I wish I could say that I was cool about the whole dentist thing, but embarrassingly and humiliatingly, I cannot. (In my defense, my very small defense, I DID get an infection/dry socket or whatever they call it—I chose to block the complete experience out–nearly 100% gone now–and it hurt like hell. And I had 2 kids, TWO kids, WITHOUT pain medicine. I took the Vicodan and it didn’t help. The medicine on a cotton blob stuffed in the empty hole; that kind of helped. I get food stuck in there, AND I still have a small hole. It’s really annoying now for brushing and I didn’t know it takes SO long to finally cover over, if ever. But I digress. I’ll stop because I could type for 10 more paragraphs and no one wants to read it and most people have had it done and aren’t such babies and don’t really care. I get carried away. My apologies.)

Luckily though! My kids DO NOT share my fears! They like to go and always feel better after! Thank goodness! They have good, strong teeth and good personalities to go with them. They think I am silly and just don’t get the whole terror thing. And my daughter had 4 cavities filled at one point, AND  fell on her face, chipping her front teeth, TWICE!, already. So she knows the evil that can occur! (FYI–Her teeth are totally fine now, with no long-term or lasting effects—she was VERY lucky.)

At any rate that’s the rest of the day. I can only hope to find some loose change on the ground and then drive straight to a Starbuck’s right after. It’s my own little reward system for being a brave, little soldier. Sad. I know.

I need a picture to make me feel better.

Rubber Band Ball!!

Check it out!

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Friday afternoon salad break

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That’ a bad headline, but I  have to hurry. I am taking advantage of the no-car thing and trying to do stuff that I SHOULD have been doing all along. Things like dusting, vacuuming, laundering, bathroom cleaning, baking, purging old papers, clothes, crap stored in drawers and on table tops, that I could have just threw out in the first place…but mostly cleaning. I am a terrible housekeeper. I dust, like, never. I have cobwebs in all the corners, and I should vacuum 5 times more than I do. I even have the very awesome Dyson Ball Vacuum. I love it. It is so easy to use and picks up so much dirt off the floor its like it’s vacuuming stuff up from UNDER the house! Maybe not, but it is fun to use.

So it’s Day 3 of Week 2/ EFS. Not doing bad, been busy so its easy to not eat. I just made a lovely veg salad with the optional hard boiled egg.  It’s the non-exercise day so you have to eat leaner…but I wasn’t going to exercise anyway…isn’t that terrible? But I did walk with the kids to school (only 5/6 of the way there—I have to stop just short of the “kid group” so as not to cause death inducing embarrassment). Then I walked home.

It’s a quick little burst and then I started cleaning. This is MAJOR exercise for me. No kidding. Looks good but it gets dusty fast where I live. I have a problem with moving stuff off shelves and whatnot and using a rag and spray–I hate doing it–so I am always looking for the easiest thing possible–like a stick with fuzzy material that you run all over everything and the dirt comes off–no moving objects required. Enter the SWIFFER DUSTER. My new love. After putting it together…it’s easy, but I am just lame today and it took longer than it should have—pathetic….but after that, I just sweeped all around the house dusting and humming and generally being happy that it was going so well! I wondered if you could re-use the raggy thing on the end, and in most cases of people who dust regularly, you probably could, but not me. Straight to the garbage. It was kind of nasty. Dust is so dirty. And not in any of the good ways…but the house is clean. Bathroom is de-grossed, clothes are washed. I even used things like “Windex” and something called “Clorox”.

Well, that seems kind of boring. I had a point when I started typing this day thing, but I’ve forgotten what it was.  Hmmm…..I also baked bread and a cake. I have, seriously, like 7 dips to make for Sat and Sun.  In case you aren’t following along I have a Crawfish Boil on Sat to go to and a Party to throw at my house on Sunday. Hence, the clean and bake…I also have some music to come up with. I thought I could do one every day but I don’t think that is going to be possible. I am still trying to add pictures to this and get it looking…good…or at least interesting….something to get people here—where they can then drift off…anyway, I have a word of the day coming and I think I’ll just save the next music list as the crawfish list. Or maybe a cleaning the house and baking list? People do like music when they are doing things like that. I do.

Ok losing the thoughts, kids just got home and it is report card time! Mason is all A’s but one! (Excellent job but also too bad… again…(his Dad promised him a cell phone if he could pull off all A’s—so close–twice in a row now! Better luck next time! Only one more chance!) Stevie is all A’s and B’s. She don’t get nothing either! She wants Slurpee’s for a year.  I’m going to miss these easy days. It’s surprising how many individual grade scores they hand out in the middle school years…I don’t remember having all of that…but maybe I missed some stuff. Mason also got a packet for next year already. He’s moving to the big school. Boo hoo. Needs a dental and physical and shots! Definitely don’t miss that…

Ok this is getting a little rambly here and its longer than a salad break, so to sum up: Clean house. Baked bread. Made cake. Mixed dips. Laundered clothes.  List Music and Word Day. Done.

psst…hey…I also have a present to wrap…don’t tell the boyfriend….it’s kind of hush hush….thanks…

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