Friday afternoon salad break

March 27, 2009 at 4:03 pm (Day to Day, EFS) (, , , , , , , , )

That’ a bad headline, but I  have to hurry. I am taking advantage of the no-car thing and trying to do stuff that I SHOULD have been doing all along. Things like dusting, vacuuming, laundering, bathroom cleaning, baking, purging old papers, clothes, crap stored in drawers and on table tops, that I could have just threw out in the first place…but mostly cleaning. I am a terrible housekeeper. I dust, like, never. I have cobwebs in all the corners, and I should vacuum 5 times more than I do. I even have the very awesome Dyson Ball Vacuum. I love it. It is so easy to use and picks up so much dirt off the floor its like it’s vacuuming stuff up from UNDER the house! Maybe not, but it is fun to use.

So it’s Day 3 of Week 2/ EFS. Not doing bad, been busy so its easy to not eat. I just made a lovely veg salad with the optional hard boiled egg.  It’s the non-exercise day so you have to eat leaner…but I wasn’t going to exercise anyway…isn’t that terrible? But I did walk with the kids to school (only 5/6 of the way there—I have to stop just short of the “kid group” so as not to cause death inducing embarrassment). Then I walked home.

It’s a quick little burst and then I started cleaning. This is MAJOR exercise for me. No kidding. Looks good but it gets dusty fast where I live. I have a problem with moving stuff off shelves and whatnot and using a rag and spray–I hate doing it–so I am always looking for the easiest thing possible–like a stick with fuzzy material that you run all over everything and the dirt comes off–no moving objects required. Enter the SWIFFER DUSTER. My new love. After putting it together…it’s easy, but I am just lame today and it took longer than it should have—pathetic….but after that, I just sweeped all around the house dusting and humming and generally being happy that it was going so well! I wondered if you could re-use the raggy thing on the end, and in most cases of people who dust regularly, you probably could, but not me. Straight to the garbage. It was kind of nasty. Dust is so dirty. And not in any of the good ways…but the house is clean. Bathroom is de-grossed, clothes are washed. I even used things like “Windex” and something called “Clorox”.

Well, that seems kind of boring. I had a point when I started typing this day thing, but I’ve forgotten what it was.  Hmmm…..I also baked bread and a cake. I have, seriously, like 7 dips to make for Sat and Sun.  In case you aren’t following along I have a Crawfish Boil on Sat to go to and a Party to throw at my house on Sunday. Hence, the clean and bake…I also have some music to come up with. I thought I could do one every day but I don’t think that is going to be possible. I am still trying to add pictures to this and get it looking…good…or at least interesting….something to get people here—where they can then drift off…anyway, I have a word of the day coming and I think I’ll just save the next music list as the crawfish list. Or maybe a cleaning the house and baking list? People do like music when they are doing things like that. I do.

Ok losing the thoughts, kids just got home and it is report card time! Mason is all A’s but one! (Excellent job but also too bad… again…(his Dad promised him a cell phone if he could pull off all A’s—so close–twice in a row now! Better luck next time! Only one more chance!) Stevie is all A’s and B’s. She don’t get nothing either! She wants Slurpee’s for a year.  I’m going to miss these easy days. It’s surprising how many individual grade scores they hand out in the middle school years…I don’t remember having all of that…but maybe I missed some stuff. Mason also got a packet for next year already. He’s moving to the big school. Boo hoo. Needs a dental and physical and shots! Definitely don’t miss that…

Ok this is getting a little rambly here and its longer than a salad break, so to sum up: Clean house. Baked bread. Made cake. Mixed dips. Laundered clothes.  List Music and Word Day. Done.

psst…hey…I also have a present to wrap…don’t tell the boyfriend….it’s kind of hush hush….thanks…

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