Awkward Transition. Back To The Random and Irrelevant. Without Comment If I Can Keep My Yapping Typing Fingers Silent.

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But see?? I can’t NOT write something. I just made the title longer. I have a disease. And a free space that allows me to say as much or as little as I like. And it’s never “little”. Or less. Every time I really find myself going on and on here, I remember a moment from my other life, when I had an office job, and I had to actually type memo’s and e-mails and crap (so missed sometimes that I can’t even believe I ever wanted to have a different job, like, a specific kind of job, that you could put on a coffee cup—you know, those mugs that have sayings on them that kids buy for their parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, “I Love A Nurse” or “#1 Nurse”—what a load of horse crap! I miss the train. I miss sitting on my butt for most of the day. It’s true I guess, we are never satisfied. Poopy American ideology. Digressing…running off the rails here…I think this is enough extra thinking for a parenthesis. Even my side thoughts are ridiculous. Did you even remember we were in a parenthesis? Why do I want to keep typing the word “parenthesis”??) Anyway…old job…memo’s…e-mail…I had to write them…and I sent out some really big, long thing and one of the receivers sent me back a critique of the e-mail/memo, without actually commenting on the content, that I should try and keep it short, and with bullet points, because no one is interested in reading a novel about kitchen supplies or office equipment. Good observation and helpful feedback (this is what the bosses call “constructive criticism” I believe) but some times, some things, require a long worded paragraph or five, to get to the meat of the matter.

This particular post today though, is not one of those times. This is just me with too much time (and an apparently super-functioning italics key) (more parenthesis) (sick I tell ya!) and no good way to transition from touching family post to a giant pink elephant wearing glasses. I have given up on any kind of theme to this blog (that description word is for my cousin Lorraine–blog–yucky word–we need to invent a new word to call this ridiculousness) or any kind of continuity. It will just be random, as usual. Back to the business of silliness and bird pictures.

Andrew is still out there saving the world one push-up and airplane jump at a time, and I am staying at ground level, typing and entertaining, with the occasional nursing care interventions and strategies thrown in, that I have to call my job now. We all got our thing going here. The world keeps spinning. Time is a ticking. Think global. Act local. That’s the theme I guess over all. The world is bigger than one person. Really too big for one person. You have to have back-up. And a place in the scheme of things. Or at least the desire to have a place. And a good plan to get you there. The bigger picture is waiting. Draw yourself in any way you can.

Well, that kind of worked out all on its own. Not a bad way to wrap this up.

Hmmm. Satisfied face. (Stevie, that’s for you.) “Turtle Face” if you watch New Girl. (Nick makes “the face” all the time. I will find a good picture and post it asap. It’s funny. You probably make the face all the time in your life too and don’t even realize it. Once you become “aware” you can never go back. Fair warning.) And if you already know what I’m talking about, give me a shout out. In fact, send me a pic of that face, of yourself, a friend, a stranger, or anywhere else you see it. Hmmm. Double satisfied face. I feel a new category coming on…an exciting new feature to head into winter with…a theme if you will…I will stop now….

So there you have it. Without comment. Later.

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It’s All About The Family

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Even if I don’t do anything else today but this, I will consider it a superior day off. This is my cousin and her beautiful family. They have graciously allowed me to post their picture and talk about them today. That would be Linda to the left (she comments quite hilariously from time to time, as you may have read here if you follow along this little bloggy thing, and/or actually read the comments) and her hubby Chris to the right. The girl in front is their daughter Meranda and the boy in the back is their son Andrew. It’s not really fair  to call them “girl” and “boy”  anymore as they are now grown adults and living their own separate lives. The way you do when you have awesome parents to raise you and send you out into the world equipped  with the knowledge and skills you are going to need to battle on through, and the security of knowing that no matter what happens in this life there are people around who will always have your back and guide you safely home if ever need may be. And that’s a good thing.

My family spent Saturday night hanging out with this family, and all my other family, to wish that man in the back a safe goodbye from our little corner of the world and into the wide open spaces of everywhere else. Andrew is leaving on a plane today and heading to Georgia, where he is going to become a soldier in an easy 15 week program we like to call job orientation. Yeah right. Look at that beautiful boy with that gorgeous curly hair. Tomorrow he will be bald and uniformed up, in the company of a hundred other beautiful sons, from all over America, running  running running running until he’s too tired to even eat or sleep, and then running some more. The ultimate goal here is to jump jump jump jump. Andrew wants to fly. But not in the plane. He wants to soar into the sky as high as the machinery can take him and then leap out into the open blue and  let the winds bring him safely back to earth. Airborne but rock steady. We raise these kids with our best ability to dream as big as they want, go forward as far as they can, and rise as high as their minds can ever imagine. But we usually like to keep them on the ground. Safe with us. Safe with family. Safe with friends. Just…safe. But when we do get that rare chance to see a sweet little boy turn into a strong young man, well,  it’s really hard to try and hold them down. You just have to let them fly. And you have to trust that they will come back to you.

I feel so lucky to have been able to be there on Saturday to say goodbye. And to wish Andrew well on his journey into the clouds, and above and beyond, but still on the ground. (I hear there might be some sort of daily exercise routine that encompasses calisthenics and trail walking. Like a vacation spa! They even feed you for free!) Ha ha. I have to joke somewhere because sometime it’s necessary. And that’s who we are. Anyway, good luck and god speed, to someone who is already fit to live in this world quite successfully, but will return as the new and improved version of the extraordinary young man he already is. Take as much care as you can. Keep your feet clean and dry.

Love and more love to all.

Chris and Linda, you guys did really really good. Your kids are awesome. Period.

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