Salt. For The Cure. Better Than Nothing?

October 22, 2012 at 12:54 pm (For The Cure, Pink October) (, , , )

I had to post something. It’s been too long and I have no time, but I have to get the word “booger” off of my front page. It’s just does not reflect the seriousness  and maturity that I bring to the table every day. Ha. Table. Like table salt. Ewww. That was a stretch. Anyhow, here is something new with the pink ribbon on it. We had it in our cabinet. Didn’t even realize we bought it. Plus it’s really raining out there today so it fits for more than one reason. I need to get to work. They refuse to pay me for sitting at home. Boo hoo. Everyone have a safe and happy day. Later.

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