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Going with a blue theme.  And continuing with the “people reflected in ornaments/windows/etc..” theme. That’s Stevie. I am still trying to take down the decorations, so I have to use up the rest of these holiday themed pictures. I figure I can push it another week and that’s really it. Also, I meant to update the weather yesterday because I know my cousins depend on me to fill this internet space, and their valuable time, with information they can easily get by walking outside. Plus it’s been real nice. Like unseasonably nice. So nice that there is talk now of: “THE HORRIBLE WEATHER TO COME!!” Dun dun dun. We love predicting blizzards and snowfall that will be higher than our houses. Eh. I say it’s fine. It’s not really a matter of, one month of nice equals 3 months of crappy. It all depends on the winds and the atmosphere and the isotopes and all that meteorological stuff. If the world wants to warm up and top off right about here, I’m good with it. I’ll take rain and wind over white-outs and sleet any day. Anyway, it was a balmy 45 in the daytime yesterday and dropped to about 33 or so by night. It was very windy but I thought it felt kind of good. So imagine my surprise this morning when it was snowing! And some even stuck to the grass! Right now, at 5 pm, Monday, it’s cold. Not ridiculous cold, 23 degrees, (which I guess is pretty cold actually), but it’s not snowing. And it’s not too windy so it feels ok. Besides, I hear 50 degrees is on the way again by the end of the week. Yay! Global warming!

So that’s my update for now. No phone calls for any jobs today but I’m sure they will tomorrow. This is the year of positive thinking, all day, every day. I’m also going to go to the store and buy myself another interview blouse. I love Stevie doing the laundry for me, but she washed and dried my already snug blouse, and now it’s a little too small for me to stuff my upper body into. You know that scene in Tommy Boy? Fat guy in a little coat? Picture sausage arms in a black fitted blouse. Three quarter sleeves are not sexy when they are  so tight your forearms have fat rolls. And speaking of rolls…I also need to purchase a pair of jeans (or two). I’ve lost another pair of jeans to the “thigh rub hole”. That’s where your jeans wear and tear at the place where your legs touch at the upper thigh area. Not everyone has this problem. Some people actually have a space between their legs and the material never touches. I say good for them. I am jealous, but can’t seem to ever exercise enough to open that gap. I guess it’s a lipo thing. But back to me. I am not now, nor have I ever been, one of those people. I am a thigh toucher. A corduroy avoider. I cannot be making noises while wearing my clothes (swish swish swish) c’mon, some of you know what I’m talking about. Besides that, I have other stuff that needs to be done on the big transformative 2012. Like get skinny. Well, not skinny. I am aiming for pre-child weight. I’d say baby weight but it’s been 14 years so that’s kind of pushing it. It’s probably attainable as long as I stop welcoming the day with Krispy Kreme doughnuts. (So tasty though, and if you microwave them to just the right temp you can literally smoosh them into a small enough lump that can fit into your mouth whole! That seems healthy!)

OK this wasn’t supposed to be this long. This is my third paragraph of winding this up. My kids have left again to go have dinner with their dad, and the BF is on the way with Chinese food. We were supposed to go to the gym as part of the new year, new you, but since they left unexpectedly and it’s really still kind of sort of a holiday technically legally recognized based on the fact that all of the banks and libraries are closed and there was no mail as an excuse to continue the bad habits until tomorrow when the year officially begins, this is what I am doing for just one more day. Posting. Eating. And half-ass laundrying and undecorating. I did manage to throw alot of junk food away today and will send the rest packing with the BF to his office tomorrow. One thing done. I even cleaned out the garage a little bit and have much garbage prepared for the morning. Two things! And now I will really end this post so I can clear a space on our table so we can settle in and let the food shoveling begin.

PS. For Amanda: Guess what the BF was getting me today at work? Are you ready for a really really really really long winter of annoying posts?? Are you? P. 90. X. 2. Yep. TWO. T-W-O. The second version. Doesn’t matter if I can’t even finish the first set. I shall attempt 90 days of one and then 90 days of two. I will fail I am sure. BUT. I can annoy you with it for 6 months!!! Happy New Year my darling sister!!! XO XO XO, or should I put, P90 X-O (hee hee hee) Forevah!


  1. Amanda a.k.a The Greatest Sister of All time! said,

    Greeeeeat. Can’t. Wait.
    Speaking of P90X,,, I must thank you for the copy you burned me for my birthday last year. Although it doesn’t seem to be working…hmmm. Oh yeah, I know why, BECAUSE YOU NEVER GAVE IT TO ME!!!
    I myself will be getting up at 5am tomorrow to use the stupid eliptical that I hate but have no choice except use because that is the only piece of gym equipment in my house. Yay. I will not be eating until I can fit into the cute clothes they sell at the teenager stores at the mall. Yes, I think I am having a mid life crisis that I now strive to look like a 17 year old. Yay me.

    • masnstevy said,

      I know. I know. I am sorry. I think about that sometimes. I realize you could have been so skinny and fit by now and maybe in fashion magazines for your hot body…hahahaha. I will fix this. I will beg Jeff to copy the old ones and the new ones for you as soon as we can. BUT in the meantime, forget those teenage clothes you’ll just end up looking like those ladies that try WAY to hard to be as cute as their daughters. Forget 17. Try to look 22. Haha. I’m going to end this with one word and hopefully you will laugh and burn off 5 extra calories: VOGUE. XO

  2. Lorraine said,

    Hey! I am on the “get skinny” kick too! Just before Thanksgiving I started taking Zumba classes! I have to be careful not to break it when I shake it!

    Did not know what the heck P90X was when I read the post. Did my research and then saw an infomercial this a.m. Too funny how much you see when you pay attention!

    I read this blog just to keep hip with my young cousins! 🙂

    • masnstevy said,

      Zumba huh? I have wanted to try that. Lots of the people I know do that. They say it’s fun and works but I’m telling you, even though they DO NOT pay me, P90X works. Really. And what’s more, you feel like you are doing something different. It is killer and makes you want to eat healthy and stay fit. I know this is true but I fell wayyyy off the wagon and I need to crawl back on. If I had stayed doing the P90X I would be able to easily pull myself right back on, but no. I have to start all over from the ground and then try to get back on the big wagon! My only gripe is the sets take an hour to 2 hours to do every day. Sometimes that is too much. But it does work if you have the time. Please keep us posted on your progress. Let’s all be super skinny this summer so that when we all gather for a party people mistake our celebration for some kind of eating disorder/addiction intervention group! PS..I LOVE that picture of you shooting off the horse. (That could be interpreted in so many ways if you didn’t know what I was talking about) I would always carry that picture around with me and use it for everything! It would be my driver’s license pic! Happy New Year! XO

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