Neverending Halloween will be ending shortly.

November 5, 2011 at 1:18 pm (Day to Day, Holiday, Shameless Self Promotion, Thank You) (, , )

Don’t be fooled by those fake pumpkins. But they look so real! This is the last of the pictures I took in the same area as the bench. So I guess I can declare Halloween and the rest of the Holy Days over for another year.

Also, it would seem I have picked up a few more fans in the last few days. It’s a peculiar medium, and a strange way to communicate with the outside world. It’s usually just me, alone, typing whatever pops into my head, and then putting it out there, never really knowing where it will land. Sometimes you get lucky, like these last few days,  and I know some one is connecting with something I’ve written, but usually it just floats. That’s ok too because I write it for me anyway. I know it can’t possibly be just my family generating so many “hits”, there aren’t that many of us. So to everyone out there that keeps checking in, whether you comment, or like me, or just read and move on…


I should go do something weekend-like now. It’s pretty nice out for November in the Midwest. And my jaw is only hurting a little bit now. Teaser. Updates coming later! Everyone to the outdoors!


  1. indalay said,

    Hey there… I’m back.
    Spent most of my day outside just like you instructed us to do. it was beautifulllllllll. I was hoping to get a tan while sitting on my lawn chair BUT…. still pasty white.
    Anyway hope you were out side hanging laundry or something.
    Enjoy ur Sunday. It’s supposed to be nice as well.
    CRAP… just realized I’m talking about the weather. Isn’t that what you talk about when you really don’t have something to say?
    Moving on-

    • masnstevy said,

      Welcome! Welcome to my family website! I always say go outside, which I did. AND I always DO talk about the weather. I can’t help it! I love it that you have been reading! FYI, it’s raining today, BUT I still went out to deadhead all my flowers. They are still good looking. I have pictures. I will post them soon. I always promise that! It will be winter again with tons of snow and I will finally roll out the summer pics! Thanks for reading! XO

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