November 3. Or as I will be calling it: Leftover Halloween!

November 3, 2011 at 1:54 pm (Day to Day, Holiday, Skeleton Trees, Weather) (, , , , , )

I still have lots of pictures and relevant things to say about the last three days. It can’t be over already! Look at that very cool picture! I took that with my CAMERA phone. Sometimes I still cannot get over how good technology has become. Wait until you see this picture of a snake we found. The pictures are so clear, it’s like you can see into his soul!

But this is a good picture for today. This is pretty much what it looks like outside right now. I guess we are lucky no more. Autumn seems to have arrived, all damp and bone chilling. I will not complain though, because the last few days have been beautiful and it is supposed to stay in the 50’s for the next week or two. That means I do not have to turn the furnace on yet! I try every year to see how long I can wait. It’s usually until the kids complain they are freezing, and actually cry tears. It sounds worse than it is. Usually the temp in the house is about 58 or 56. That’s not really even all that cold considering the air temps. It just seems cold when it’s in a house. There is a debate on what the record is. I think it may be Nov. 4 or Nov. 20th or so, around my daughter’s birthday. The BF thinks we might have made it all the way into December. I don’t know about that. It gets cold very fast around here, so that seems unlikely. But for the new record this year, we are easily at November 3. Go nature!

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Day 4 / Extreme Fat Smash / Again.

May 1, 2009 at 1:15 am (Day to Day, EFS) (, , , , , )

This should be an easy day though…after last night and the trophy loss–basketball defeat—we took my son to Taco Bell. It fixes everything. At least for him it does. Such an innocent child….

Anyway, it’s an easy day. Yogurt/fruit. Health shake  or bar. Salad w/egg. Then a veggie/turkey burger for dinner. 40 minutes of Cardio. Done.

Still hungry, but still want to be healthy. I have races to run.

So here, in a burst of over-enthusiasm, TWO playlists!:

Rainy Days …’cause it just won’t stop, and my lawn is about to float away…


Directional Plays …everywhere at once when you  need to stay…

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