Back of the Bench because I know you want to see it

October 31, 2011 at 12:14 pm (Big Benches, Exercise, Holiday) (, , , )

This is my favorite bench so far. I am pretty sure I haven’t put up even half of the bench pictures that I have in my files, but when I do, you will agree, this one is really cool.

I had to take a short 45 minute exercise break. Here’s a question…if an overweight middle aged lady collapses in her house all alone gasping for air, does she really make a sound?

Well I didn’t fall but I was making some unusual noises. Heavy footsteps, creaking limbs, pounding heart beats, throbbing head bangs, wheezing, moaning, and dry throated screaming. Not to mention the shaky limbs and dripping secretions. It really is like a haunted house over here. It’s a middle aged nightmare! Too bad it’s broad daylight and so damn sunny and temperate outside. Kind of takes away from the whole horror scene situation. Just makes it sad. It’s embarrassing how out of shape I am. Especially with all this free time I’ve been having. I should not be struggling to breathe and laying near the door with the phone half dialed to 9-1-1. Wait. I think I forgot to unlock the deadbolt. Crap. Death AND a broken door. Tricks on me. Boo.

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