Just one more before I go

October 12, 2011 at 5:26 pm (Day to Day, Weather) (, , , , , )

It’s really perfect outside right now. 5 pm. October 12. The sun is still up there but the clouds are moving in. It is supposed to rain tonight and lower our temperatures to somewhere back down in the normal autumnal degree range. That was a fine, complicated sentence wasn’t it? Did you just read it again? Anyway, the air temperature feels like skin temperature. It feels so close to body temp it’s like not being outside at all. And the sun is throwing off that color I like to refer to as “movie lighting”. The source is from one very specific direction and illuminates everything before it in a brilliant and bright, almost fake looking light. We are a media world. We all live in the movies. If you are anywhere near the Chicago area, take a few moments and go outside if you can. Just breathe in the air and appreciate the fantastic luck of being alive and able to view that sky. I have to go move through it now. By the time I get back out later, it will be dark and cool, and hopefully I will ride home under that last bit of the big Hunter Moon of the year and wait for the rain to wash all this summer away for good.

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I should be ashamed of us

October 12, 2011 at 4:45 pm (Day to Day) (, , , , , )

We “snack”  like a bunch of cheap drunks at an all-you-can-eat-free-buffet-happy-hour for scroungy ass hobo’s  in the sketchiest part of town. It’s ridiculous our diet. And no great mystery why we are all a little thick in the middle. Chili, with cheese AND sour cream (two heart attacks for the price of one). Chips AND dip. Sushi (what??). From Target. (double what??). Pigs in a blanket (me). Halloweenies (my daughter). Cocktail weenies in a biscuit (fact). 911! Whatever you call them they still equal chest pain in the middle of the night. It’s atrocious. And after I leave for school, the kids will probably eat a frozen pizza for “dinner”. And I will eat my pre-packed baggies of trail mix and coffee in my Soc. class while praying I don’t die of a coronary on the car ride home. That is, if I don’t pass out in the stairwell first just trying to get to class. Can everyone say huff and puhhh…Eh. Forget it. Apples and water all day tomorrow. Cleanse and flush. We’ll cure it with overkill. Sleep sweet. And upright. Night night.

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Another beautiful day! And I had to stay in for most of it!! Bwaaahhhh!!

October 12, 2011 at 4:26 pm (Day to Day, School News, Wasting Study Time Posts, Weather) (, , , , )

78 degrees at press time. Are you kidding October 12?? Thank you for giving me another day to feel good. I was feeling the hot lick of failure on my heels last night because I only managed to get about 1 page of my paper done and then I ate dinner, watched tv and went to bed.

But. Tuh-day. Yes! Redemption. I sat and just typed for hours. A nice breeze blowing in from the window and the sun shining down. My right hand was actually feeling tight and swollen. But I pressed on.

At about 10:30 am, the helpful village personnel  that dig up all of our streets for their pure enjoyment on the nicest days of the year, drove by in their town truck and bull horned out an announcement that they were shutting off the water blumbablibabbababa….who knows….because they drove past while talking and NOT slowing down OR speaking loud enough into their little megaphone speaker thing on the vehicle. They might as well have just shouted it out the window at random houses. But I heard “water shut off” and I jumped out of my seat like my butt caught fire. I ran into the bathroom and took a fast shower, brushed my teeth, went to the bathroom, and filled up our Brita canister. 15 minutes tops! It’s a record for me because I can really poke around the house for hours doing absolutely nothing. By the time I finished my clean routine the water was indeed off. And it still isn’t really on yet. The water that is coming out of our cold water faucet is the rustiest I have EVER seen it.  It is a dark brownish orange with visible swirling sediment in it. I have lived here for almost 20 years and it’s truly disgusting.

My toilet is going to look like it’s been sitting in an abandoned house for years. Yuk. I have no idea what the hell they are doing this time but it’s messed up. At the very least though, I can flush my toilet so that is something to be thankful for. We still have some kind of trickling orange mess coming in. Showers should be fun tomorrow! Flush, wait a while, and you can flush again! Bonus!

After that drama/excitement, I sat back down and kept typing. Tippy tippy type type typing…Six pages later….done! I just couldn’t describe and type anymore. I had to end it already. It was 1:30 when I finally e-mailed that stinker to my teacher. (Has to be in before 5) That is the closest I’ve cut it so far. Not a good feeling.

But. Another butt. Some good stuff happened too. I applied for a few real jobs that are actually in my skill range and I got another rejection, but NOT because I am unqualified, but because the position is no longer available. Victory! Also I feel better too. Not fully recovered but better. My cold has moved from chest to throat and is threatening to take my voice away. The BF says, so sincerely (not really), awww, that’s too bad. Hmph.

That’s all. The kids came home. We ate a bunch of crap. They are doing homework now and I will be leaving soon. Had just enough time to snap that picture above and the one below. Back to reality for the Midwest. Tomorrow they say is a whole other ball game.  Later.


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