Ummm, I should probably be studying

May 6, 2011 at 2:20 pm (Day to Day, School News, Updates, Wasting Study Time Posts) (, , , , )

But it’s soooo  nice outside! And I really want to go ride the motorcycle! But, I am afraid to go out by myself. It’s probably the best time to get on and get used to it, but I feel kind of stupid practicing on the street. And if I fall off or something happens then I am really in trouble. I guess I’ll just have to wait until the weekend.

Let’s see…I have also wasted most of the morning doing things like paying bills and cleaning laundry. Yay.

And…I did some self-care maintenance that my sister may not like too much….I colored my own hair! With a box product! And then I cut it! I am so sorry A, but I had too!! I was feeling so old and gray, and even though I am an almost pretty, cool chick, my hair gave me away at the hospital yesterday. Usually people are really kind and humor me when they claim they can’t guess how old I am. They never think I am my real age, but not yesterday. This woman—who was very, very, nice and not unkind at all—just asked me what I have been doing all this time between nursing and whatever the hell else I must have been doing…”since you aren’t as young as some of these other ones around here” Man. Totally busted as the old lady on the floor! So I told her the basic truth about all of us old folks—second career. Total flip on the job we started doing as the ‘yutes” we were (that was for you A, remember at the arboretum—yutes—hahahaha–we still think that’s pretty funny), to the job I’m going to end up doing for the rest of my life. Wish I had started out here, but timing and circumstance just wouldn’t have it that way…but it’s all good now. Anyway. She was a great lady and I had a great day. Which leads me to my next bit of happy….

Last clinical as a student! And I had the best day! (Second only to my ER clinical….you never forget your first love)…anyway…I could go on and on and I know that no one except me likes to hear about it so I will just say that I had 2 of the best nurses for my last 2 days, who taught me more than I could have hoped for this late in the game. I got to do all my skills and even some new ones. Excellent hospital, excellent clients, excellent nurses and staff that were kinder than they needed to be. Even though they will never see this or know it’s about them, I am forever grateful to have my last days of “hand holding” be held by them. Thank you.

So before we get all mushy here…let’s get back to my hair. I colored it and I was skeptical. And afraid. I could hear my sisters voice inside my head telling me how sorry I was going to be. But it turned out really good. Like, really good. A nice color. Not brassy. Not fake looking. I had picked the color closest to my actual hair, because all I wanted was to cover those pesky grays. And it worked! It’s really natural looking. Did a pretty good job on those gray ones too! And of course, I cut it most of the time myself any way. I limit it to my bangs because they grow in my eyes and I start looking a little nerd-sweaty when they part in the middle…not a good look. But I have to say my hair looks like I just left a salon. I know you won’t believe me sister, so I took pictures. Quite nice. And good enough for now until I can get out to see you after school is over!

And my hair must just look so good, because I went to go get myself lunch (Jimmy John’s—I am kind of having a serious problem with that place lately—it’s like every other day now–but so good) But not the point. The point is, TWO, yes, TWO guys, on their own, and separately, were giving me the eyeballs and trying to hit on me! Ha. This hair is so powerful! Is “hit on me” even a phrase still used these days?? I don’t think it’s happened to me in a while…but it did today! We don’t need the details…just the fact that it’s still a possibility is soothing enough. Glad I shaved today too! That kind of inner confidence really makes the men take notice! I feel like I should go buy new underwear or something! HA!

And don’t worry sister or anyone else, I already told the BF. No need to get crazy. I just got talked up, no biggie, but in the end I just took my stuff and left. I know better then to mess up a good thing! And to the BF: You’re the only one for me! XO

Ok that’s it. Kids will start trickling home so I better get back to the books—so it looks like I was actually doing something constructive.

And as a side note—the weather is turning a bit overcast here now, so I guess I don’t have to worry about riding that motorcycle after all. Excuses excuses!

Lab Final is up next. Then the Renal Test. I will post if I can. Later.


  1. Amanda a.k.a The Greatest Sister of All time! said,

    So, when I got to the sentence of you doing your own hair, I gasped. Kind of loud. I hope you are right about it looking good!
    p.s I put all over color on your sister’s hair to completely cover her grey! (gasp!!) It looks good!

    • masnstevy said,

      No worries sissy…It really did turn out pretty good. My very stubborn gray hair doesn’t want to totally cover. It’s like having wires in my head! But I posted a pic of me so you could see. Notice the lack of a “roots” line and almost every gray is gone! The color is not really blonde, but I had to go with the closest to my actual head color otherwise you would have already seen me this week…trying to Fix my hair!! Call me if u need anything for tomorrow. XO

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