Don’t tell my sister but…

June 4, 2009 at 5:01 pm (Day to Day) (, , , , , , )

I’ve been using the fabulous OLD product Sun In for my hair. You remember the smelly stuff you sprayed in your wet hair at the beach and then let the sun dry into beautiful blonde highlights?? Or, brassy, dried out hay sticks that cracked when you layed down??

Yeah, well that was the OLD old stuff, the new stuff actually works pretty good. I don’t know if they changed it or improved it…the bottle says it has moisturizers and stuff in it that works best in darker blonde hair but NOT brown or color treated. (My hair is highlighted but pretty faded out and grown, so I figured I was safe.) And maybe, just maybe, soaking your entire head in it is not the correct application.

I proceeded very cautiously. My sister did my hair–very blonde–very beautiful–but very much 3 months ago. I wrote about it. Click  HERE if you care. But she lives an hour away, has 2 kids also, and a schedule that doesn’t mesh with mine. Kind of hard to get there even for free. So, I bought it (a loooong time standing in the grocery aisle deciding if I should spend the 7 bucks and then having it look like crap and then having to go to my sisters anyway to have her fix it. Plus, I thought she’d kill me if she ever found out…she was SURE to notice.) and tried it when I went out to the trail to run.

Very carefully, I sprayed it onto my roots only and combed thru a little and went outside. Truthfully it burns the scalp a bit. Not burns I guess, but definitely tingly. And it has a weird chemical odor. Not too bad. But it does work. My hair lightened and it didn’t look fake or streaky or brassy. I applied it minimally, every few days and when I got to a beachy type color, I stopped.

That’s the key. Stopping. Continue to spray it on and my hair would be white and/or orange and NOT cute. Looks pretty natural. My sister thought my hair looked lighter but couldn’t be sure…so success(!) for me.

I’m not recommending though that everyone just get this and skip the salon, those gals and guys deserve their money and it would be VERY easy to kill your hair with the Sun In. But in pinch…

If you can use peroxide (old days) or lemon juice and it works good…try this. It’s better. More control. I’m digging the look. But I have to wait a few weeks now. Says right on the bottle: Highlights will be PERMANENT. It’s addicting, like spray tan. I don’t want to bleach the bleach.

This is what you’re looking for (I think they have another fragrance too):

P6020054 - Copy

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