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The new Dodge Challenger has but one arch enemy; one adversary; one nemesis in all the land…

The new Chevy Camaro.

A superhero rivalry forged in the 70’s; depicted with copycat body styles and similarly hued skin paint. Both left for dead, but brought back now to battle each other for American supremacy. If you favor one, you tend to dislike the other. I’m not really sure why that is, but it holds true for me.

I’m all about the Mopar, cool as hell, and popular with all the fast, Hemi-power people. Six pack and all that…without the flashy graphic help of a cool movie…ahem…

But, the new Camaro did receive quite a boost last year thanks to a certain yellow Bumblebee, in a Transforming motion picture flick…and that’s the only one I’ve ever seen. And I’ve never seen one on the street. And I’ve never seen it in red.

Until yesterday.

Saturday afternoon, on my way to my sissy’s…we stopped at the oasis for a coffee and there it was in the parking lot. I barely had time to get my camera out before it sensed the enemy and took off.

The picture is grainy and from a distance. I tried to get it, but it was too fast. I am not really fond of the Camaro but you have to keep an eye on your enemies… Vigilance is key; Complacency is death.

I’ll get her next time.

P5230001 - CopyP5230001 - Copy - Copy

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