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To go to school! It’s official and all that good stuff!

I sat on my couch until 12 Noon and then drove to the school. The Orientation/Registration wasn’t until one, but I didn’t want to be late for any reason. Now, that might sound crazy to you, but I was not the first one. There was probably 10 or more people waiting already! Freaks alive! We are a nervous bunch! But I’ll tell you, from my personal experience alone, I worked my ass off for three years going to work all day, and school at night. I studied until all hours and weekends and breaks at work. I got the best grades I could and the highest scores. I cried tears over this stuff, just to get to THIS point. Now I have two more years of specific nursing studies and I can’t relax now!

I pretty much burned up 3½ hours of adrenaline, nerves and sweat at the school registering, paying, filling out all the forms, and buying uniforms and books. I was shaking so bad I could barely hand the cashier my money. I checked and double checked everything I might need before I left. I have to start class next week and I have no room for error. Walking out of the school, down the steps, towards my car, after it was all over, I called the BF to tell him I was official, and I could barely leave the message. Once I got to the point of being scheduled and paid for, I was crying. I hung up and just let it flow. It was 80 degrees outside and sunny as hell and I felt relieved and happy. Sunshine and tears were burning my eyes and itching my cheeks and maybe I looked kind of strange, but it’s ok. There’s enough sad things to cry over, for sure, so when something is overwhelmingly good and it’s something that you really really wanted and got…then when else can you cry?

So, in the end, I went home and waited for my kids and BF and my second brother and wife and we went and ate pizza and drank beer! It was a lovely end to the day!

And as an extra bonus, I got an awesome body massage from the BF after the kids were in bed! Unexpected and sooooo nice and a happy ending. It was a good night.

That’s enough mush for now. I have to go and stare at my very first actual nursing textbook; Contemporary Nursing: Issues, Trends & Management, some more. I’m sure I’ll dread even looking at all my books in about 6 months, but for now, I just want to carry it around and keep it close.

After that, (the book is sitting next to me on the couch), I have to run over to the Target and buy like, 5 more alarm clocks, so I’m not late going to classes.

Alright, that’s really all about it. Mindless posting for the rest of the day and week until I can’t find the time to do it anymore. I’ll probably go run at some point too. Gotta keep up the training and it burns nervous energy.

Thanks for hanging through the goo until the end!

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