Day 4 / Extreme Fat Smash / Again.

May 1, 2009 at 1:15 am (Day to Day, EFS) (, , , , , )

This should be an easy day though…after last night and the trophy loss–basketball defeat—we took my son to Taco Bell. It fixes everything. At least for him it does. Such an innocent child….

Anyway, it’s an easy day. Yogurt/fruit. Health shake  or bar. Salad w/egg. Then a veggie/turkey burger for dinner. 40 minutes of Cardio. Done.

Still hungry, but still want to be healthy. I have races to run.

So here, in a burst of over-enthusiasm, TWO playlists!:

Rainy Days …’cause it just won’t stop, and my lawn is about to float away…


Directional Plays …everywhere at once when you  need to stay…

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