Tetra’s and Tigers and Zebra’s! Oh My!

April 24, 2009 at 3:09 am (Day to Day) (, , , , )

Wednesday. The house is a zoo. A really cheap-ass zoo with no other animals except fish. (Are they considered animals? Like, zoo animals?)

We went, we saw, we bought. Fish from the store right up until closing. These are not decisions that can be made hastily.

I’ll skip the long narrative and jump to the juice. Mason has his first BasketBall Game  tonight and we’re in kind of rush. Go Mustangs!!

Mason/new 3 gallon: 2 plants and 3 tiny Tiger Barbs, 3 Zebra Danios, and 1 algae eater. Sounds like alot, but looks real cute. The fish are small and the tank is bigger than it sounds.

Stevie/2.5 gallon: 1 plant, 1 asian theme sculpture, and 2 african cichlids. Adorable! Looks very cool.

She also got 2 mini neon tetras for her small fish bowl.

Their bedroom is like being underwater at night. Glowing and soothing with fishtanks on every surface. Pictures are below. Keep in mind, the camera is still broken so the pictures may not be all that great but you’ll get the idea.

This leads into today’s music. Songs about animals! All kinds of animals.

I started compiling just some real basic songs off the top of my head that had a very pronounced “animal” theme. Like, “Eye Of The Tiger“,  for instance. Familiar to almost everyone. But as is the case with all addictions, one animal led to another, I got in too deep and…



…2 days later I have to pull myself out of an 88 song animal coma.

Seriously. I started this on Wednesday. Since then my son played his basketball game (Losing by 2 points in a nail-biting-out-of-your-seat-3-seconds-left-on-the-clock finish. That gym was rocking!), we lived another whole day, everyone is sleeping and I’m up at 1 am Friday morning trying to get this out. Out of my head and off my computer. I have to stop thinking about this. OCD needs a rest.

There are hundreds of songs about every form and function of every animal you can think of. I tried to get a happy mix. I have popular and obscure included, with songs that might be good at a party. Background noise with bite. I know I missed someone’s favorite song, with a really obvious animal, so post it if you know it and I’ll modify later.

In the interest of keeping it interesting I broke the list into 4, yes, FOUR parts. I told you it was getting out of hand. The boyfriend believes that no playlist should be over 20 songs. Pick them and stick them. I say, if you’re going to do it, overdo it. I also inserted some of those fancy fish tank pictures I was talking about earlier. Keep it FUN!

I put them in a specific order for myself, one animal kind of blending into another…but feel free to mix them up, pick and choose, shuffle around, like walking thru the zoo. Everyone goes around their own way. So get going!

Listen and browse: The  MNSF and the Fish List:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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