Tuesday in the city…

April 14, 2009 at 11:51 am (Day to Day) (, , , , )

It’s raining. It started early Monday morning. All day. All night. Grey and cool. The kids are on Spring Break and gone. They are in Kentucky with their dad. I dropped them off Sunday night and they left Monday morning. Boyfriend and I stayed in all day, just watching tv and playing computer games. We watched the “greatest film of all time”, Citizen Kane. I had seen it in high school for some class that I can’t remember. All the cinematic shadowing and camera angles. The ceilings. Rosebud. The boyfriend never saw it. I did not give away the end. I won’t here either if you never saw it. You should though. See it. At least once. It was interesting. Looked better than I remember. Longer too. It was grainy so many years ago. I figured it must have been on projector when I saw it. Like reel to reel…How the hell old am I anyway??

Anyhow, the day was good. Our new thing is Two and a Half Men. The TV show. We get the DVD’s and watch them all the way thru until we are caught up or done with all the seasons.  (We did it with King of Queens. Very funny. We watched all 9 seasons over the span of a few weeks. It’s nice to have something that you know will make you laugh no matter what. Feels good at the end of a crappy day. Or any kind of day really. Drama is highly overrated. I try to avoid them if I can. Makes the boyfriend mad, but hey, I like to laugh not cry.) I had never watched the show (2 ½  Men), but it is really really funny. The kid is so good. I can’t believe what they get away with on this show. Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer play good brothers. Duckie Forever! (on a side note…my girl had seen Pretty In Pink for the first time a few months ago and she was SO mad that Duckie didn’t end up with Andie—she didn’t like Blane…funny huh? she was so disappointed at the prom ending–gave that one away—sorry!) It’s always nice to have a really good warmup for the week without my kids. I miss them and it’s hard to switch from mom to girlfriend. But the transition was successful and here I am typing about it when I should be doing something productive.

The boyfriend is at work and I should go about trying to earn some money. Also I am supposed to go into the city today…or tomorrow…most likely tomorrow…we’ll see. Going to take the train and I haven’t taken it in about a year now. Don’t miss it. The reason is the company I worked for is shutting down and I want to see my old friends before they are scattered all over the state. It’s been a long, slow slide into the abyss, and I just want to offer some support. www.ripjwt.com if you are interested.

Next up is diet and exercise. Obviously I am one of those people that fall off the wagon for any little reason. Like a long weekend or holiday or laziness or a cold….which I have. Leftover from the children. My head was stuffed and cruddy on Sunday. My throat was sore and scratchy on Monday. And my chest is burning a little with congestion today. I would usually go to the gym or outside and run it off but I don’t want to do that in the 40° rain or on the treadmill where other people might see and hear me coughing and hacking. So, I will sit here and drink hot bevs for right now and wait for it to go away. I tried some cold meds but they didn’t really seem to help. That’s ok. Thanks.

So if I can’t exercise you think I might show a little restraint on the food part. Well, I don’t really want to eat but if I do…it won’t be healthy. Yogurt just doesn’t sound good when you feel bad ya know? Ice Cream does though! Weird isn’t it? Same family, but so different. A nice piece of fruit or a warm toasted slice of thick bread with butter? Gatorade/7-up or hot coffee/tea? Hard boiled egg or chocolate cake? (Remember…it’s also raining here) Nothing goes better with overcast days than bad food, good books, warm blankets and hot drinks.

Which leads me to my next thought. Hard boiled eggs. They are so hard to do just right. Boiled properly to get the shell off easily. Next post is going to be a tip about that. I should send out a poll. Greatest movie ever made and how to make perfect boiled eggs. That goes together. This is some higher level thinking all over these pages.

Cue the music and we’ll call it a day!

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