Tips to Live. Hard Boiled Egg Edition.

April 14, 2009 at 11:49 am (EFS, Tips to Live) (, , , , )

Oh yeah. The big time here. But seriously. How do you do it? I was actually thinking about this early this morning when I should have been sleeping. This may have been more relevant a few days ago, but we don’t color eggs anymore so I didn’t think of it. We do use them as part of the EFS and BFL so it’s still good information. This is how I do it and for the most part it works and the shells always come off easily and in few pieces.

Put eggs in pan. Cover with water. (I don’t use hot/cold/warm–just whatever)

Turn on heat high. Get them Boiling. After they start boiling, time them for 10 minutes. (Keep them boiling…)

After time is up, take them off heat and run under coldest water possible. Drain and fill pan until the eggs are warm. Then I dump in a tray of ice (Boyfriend’s extra tip. I used to just keep running them under cold water until they were cooled.) The ice seems to work good and faster.

After the ice is melted throw them in the fridge. When you peel one later, or immediately, the shell comes right off!

This has worked consistantly for my whole life. Every now and then you get a tough egg , with a shell that just won’t come off, but that’s true with everything in life.

Try it out, see what you think and if you have a better way, send it on. Leave a message and I’ll try yours.  We always need  good eggs over here!

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