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April 9, 2009 at 2:37 pm (My Stuff, Poetry for People) (, , , , , )

First post is always the hardest. Let’s do one serious and one silly. Free style and rhyming. Don’t judge too harshly….here goes…no titles…

And my castle fell to the ground today;

my knights have fallen to dust.

So where does that leave me?

In a smoky, concrete field,

surrounded by the ancient waters of my people.

Before me lay the blade that cut my heart,

and the hand that took my life.

And you can tell it was he,

for the blood is still there on his soul,

and his spirit cannot leave the ground

with the weight of my love in his heart.

He is my last knight and my last love.

Since I cannot cry, he will have to,

and his armor will rust blood-black.

Finally, he will ride again,

stained, but living.

In his lifetime, there will be a grave he visits.

Never hard to find;

Warm, where it should be cold,

and marked with the crimson stain of love.

Dramatic a bit…kind of along the warrior theme there…but we can be silly too. And that’s what’s fun about poetry!

Oh my little animals!

I love each and every one.

They sit so quiet, peaceful

as they lie there in the sun.

Every night I say good-bye

and wish them restfully,

turn off the light and close the door,

I miss them already!

A smile and sigh, they curl up tight

and sleep and wait for me.

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