Warrior Dash and all that…

April 8, 2009 at 3:55 pm (Day to Day, EFS, Warrior Dash) (, , , , , , , , )

Taking a break from my busy schedule here…no training today. Tired. (yes) Lazy? (little bit) No motivation today. Spent a good portion of my morning (and some afternoon yesterday) attempting to achieve motivation by way of inspirational movies and whatnot. Downloaded Tomb Raider movies…(Angelina)…Wanted (Angelina)…Mr & Mrs Smith (Ang…you get the picture)…onto my portable system for the necessary kick butt, jump kick, kick start….whatever… to better “dashability”. It’s lame and rather sad, I won’t deny it to anyone. I shouldn’t even admit to how MUCH time I have actually devoted to this endeavor. But there it is. I like Angelina, in a tough cool chick way. I know that the stunts are rigged and it’s script and acting and special effects. But I don’t care. It makes me feel like I can be a tough cool chick too. And I can’t just remember the feeling. I have to see it. So if I am on the treadmill watching Lara Croft fighting off giant stone statues that have come to life, or jumping off cliffs and sustaining nothing more than a cut on her arm, and it helps me go a little faster a little longer, then so what?

Added a Fight List here…get inspired!

The problem was the transfer from movie to computer to player. The words kept showing up on the player screen for 2 movies but not the other 2. Even though all the movies in the computer file had no words showing. Very frustrating. And somewhat distracting to the picture. It’s just one of the many anal (possibly OCD) characteristics I possess, that allows me to waste inordinate amounts of time on very trivial things. Problem admitted. Treatment in progress. So here is me all morning: Delete. Download. Sync. Play. Delete again. Re-download. Sync.  Play. Wipe them all out. Download again. Transfer files again. Sync. Play. And on like that for some hours.

Finally. Success. All 4 movies. Flawless playback. No words. But now I’m too tired and itchy feeling to go to the gym. PLUS—I was up most of the night with my son. He has a chest cold. He gets them almost every spring. He takes Zyrtec and a nosespray, for allergies that the doc says cause all the mess in his head which trickles down into his chest and sits there until he starts weezing and complaining of chest pain. The meds work. It’s been 2 years since his last chest x-rays. That’s how we measure success. No x-rays for Mason! That’s probably good for alot of stuff. No x-rays. Hehe…anyway, the meds work, but you miss one day and the weather shifts, like it does constantly here, and POOF!,  he’s sick. So 2 a.m. we are up using his nebulizer—alleviate the tightness first and then load him up with the cold medicine. Breather again at 4 a.m. and again at 6. He just has to get the gunk out of his chest and he’ll be fine. This one isn’t too bad. We caught it quick. But it still doesn’t change the fact that we were up all night. He went to school because he didn’t want to miss basketball. First practice game! And the last one before Spring Break. He should be fine but he will be tired. That’s not too bad either. Get him fed and in bed. Nice night for me! Oh wait. I still have that other one…haha. (just a joke–calm down) In case anyone is interested, she’s fine.

Being up though did give me the time I needed to re-download all 4 movies onto the computer without having to waste any “day” time. Mason inhaled medicine and I switched out movies. It used to be me just sitting there next to him until he was done trying not to fall asleep, so this is a big improvement!

I am still on the Warrior Path. I should be able to get outside tomorrow and run around and I can probably lift some weights this afternoon, so it won’t be a total loss. And I am mostly sticking to the eating plan. (I have to admit that I suffer terrible around certain times of the month and it’s hard to stay true to yogurt, beans, brown rice and hard boiled eggs.) So it is still Extreme Fat Smash for a few more days. And we will probably keep to it another 3 weeks. It works. Really keeps you clean. Food wise.

My music is solid for now. Inspirational enough and all that. Hopefully you liked the warrior list. I am always open for some new music that will keep me running. So feel free to send a comment and suggestions. The music for today is a little different. Since I was feeling kind of punchy and dazy, and I heard The Safety Dance on the radio, it made me start thinking about songs that are just goofy. Like, they have goofy lyrics or silly words, or are just kind of random. The list below is what I came up with. You never really think about these songs, but when you hear them on the radio, probably driving in your car, you get all happy, and find yourself singing along, loudly; desperately wanting to change the station, but somehow never doing it. And before you realize it, the song is over and you just belted your way back down memory lane  in your motor vehicle time machine. Hopefully you are aloneor even betternot alone—and you just had a duet, quartet, trip-let concert in your car, aka Tommy Boy Style, you know what I’m talking about…Don’t you remember you told me about the baby? Baby baby baby baby baby…FUN!

So. Everyone grab a kid–hopefully yours if you got ’em–and get silly! Incidentally, these songs are pretty good for dancing too! The goofier the better! See if you agree with me. And if not. Let me know! Hit me with something even sillier. It’s exercise! Pop, Lock & Drop It to the:      Songs That Are Silly List.     Bee. Low.

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