Happy Birthday to My Boyfriend!!

April 2, 2009 at 2:31 pm (Day to Day, EFS) (, , , , , , , , )

Today is the day! It’s official. For the next 5 months I am only 3 years older than my BF! Then it’s back to the gap! 4 years! No big deal now…but that would have been an entire high school term back in the day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

So anyhoo, he leaves for work as usual and none of us get up. And when he says goodbye to me, I don’t remember that it’s the birthday. Finally, as I am getting ready to make lunches and I go into the kitchen I see lottery tix on the table…and THEN I remember! Duh. Nice girlfriend. (On a happy note-he got a whole bunch of lottery tix at his party and he won $77 and a free ticket. The $75 I didn’t see, but there are 3 scratch offs waiting for later! He’s a  lucky duck. Haha)

I call on the phone and wish him a happy birthday. Say I’m sorry I didn’t remember earlier. Stevie is yelling her happy birthdays in the background. Mason, however, says that he doesn’t have to say anything  because he sent his message “telegraphically”. Please check the word of the day for clarification.  But it was pretty funny!

So we next have to decide if we should totally go off the EFS for b-day dinner, or just stick to the plan…ugh…weigh in is technically Sat. AM for us and Friday AM  for the kids–they go to their dads this weekend so we have to bump it a day (we have them on a super modified plan–just to keep any chunk from accumulating on their little growing bodies and get them in the habit of healthy eating for life). I can think of excuses all day. So I spent a moment and came up with something pretty reasonable sounding.  I am weighing us after school today, and if we are the same or below our last weekend weight…dinner is ON! If not, stick to the lean times. It’s fair. We work hard all week. We are pretty careful not to overdo it. So one dinner won’t break the bank! The BF gets to pick the food-pizza-so I hope we all do well-pizza- and are able to slip in one bad meal-pizza-and just work a little harder-pizza-tomorrow! I don’t know what he’ll choose-pizza-and I hate to influence-pizza-his decision. Whatever you want baby!


So, I have to go volunteer at the school for lunch time, but I want to get in a music list. In honor of the boyfriend and my brilliant son, I am creating the birthday-telegraphic-telepathic-ESP-reading your mind-playlist. Have fun with it! Just close your eyes, think music, birthday, ESP…. there. You have it?? It’s good isn’t it??!!

And for those of you who are unable to read my mind and hear the music  thru un-earthly channels, I’ve written it down,  just below!

Keep in “mind“, however, GREAT liberties were taken with this list. Unfortunately there just aren’t enough songs about actual ESP and Mind Reading. Maybe I am wrong, and if you know of some, please let me know. But I kind of veered off into the “in my head” category and more general “mind” songs. I even found a few “voices in my head“. It does border on the crazy a bit, but it’s my list. So, BROADLY enjoy:

The SOS-ESP-B-DAY” List. Music for the psychic! (And those schooled in Morse code! (among other things)Love it!)

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