Cool Word of the Day!

March 25, 2009 at 10:34 am (Cool Words) (, , , , )

Innominata (proper noun)

Definition:  embalming fluid, name of;  patented by Thomas Holmes

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Extreme Fat Smashed–Day 7–End of Week 1!

March 25, 2009 at 2:43 am (EFS) (, , , , , , )

Can you totally see how these words look like they were typed by a lighter person? The words are magically floating from my delicate fingers to the keyboard to the screen. Amazing!

OK It is actually, technically, Day 8, since it is 1:30 in the morning on the 25th. But if it’s still dark it’s still the same day right? Right. But I better make this quick anyway. I want to say we were perfect all week, followed it to the letter, but you know that just can’t happen when you have to go out and do stuff. We stayed as true as we could but the proof is in the pudding…mmmm…pudding….I can still have another snack if I want!–back to the pudding…the proof is the weight. THAT won’t happen until the sun comes up. The official, “how many pounds in one week?” weighing.  I’ll let you know.

As for the exercise part, the boyfriend was perfect–did it all–even the doubles (yay him!!). I must admit, that I missed one. Today was a double, but I did a single. Ran around outside in a giant 3.6 mile circle over at the forest preserve…65 and partly sunny…it wasn’t graceful–oh no–It felt like my legs wouldn’t go straight or in any kind of rhythmic manner. And I am quite sure it looked ridiculous too, me clomping around out there like I was trying to get some mud off my 50 lb. shoes…silly!  But a run is a run. I broke a sweat and made it around in about 45 mins with minimal walking and pretending-to-fix-my-laces breaks.

After that mess was over I went home and prepared for my next athletic challenge. Which counts. I think. We, self and 2 children, went to the Target–the SuperTarget–to purchase some items–grocery items– for the upcoming weekend. AND, my son had to do a comparitive study on prices from the 30’s and prices today. Oh yeah–it took 2 hours. I used my legs, my arms, and my brain (calculations on some tuff math).  I like to grab the things I need without much thought, but when school is involved…a 10 bar pack of soap cost 5 cents in 1933. How much today? But you go to the isle of soap and guess what? 2 bar packs, 3 bar packs, 4 bar packs, 8 bar packs, 12 bar packs–NO 10 BAR PACKS!!! Then you gotta do the math. And what brands are we talking here? It’s not like there are any that have depression era labeling—we went for the middle. Over and over again.  1 lb. of coffee costs this…can’t find one pound any more…got 11 oz., 13 oz., 24.6 oz., all around the magic 16. From $4 to $12. Again, do the math. We may have been off, but I said it’s not like the teacher is going to come to the Target and check all our calculations!  “But what if she did mom?”  They should learn now, not EVERYTHING can be EXACTLY right all the time. Not enough information given. Do your best and move on. Please move on…

But what is going on this week and weekend?…well we need more healthy foods like fruit and vegetables…they don’t last and they cost too much. It’s really just cheaper to be fat and unhealthy…anymoo…then on Saturday we are going to a CrawFish Boil and I’m bringing a dip. Taco Dip. Mine is the best. Many imitate, none duplicate. Its my “thing”. So of course everywhere I go it has to go too….not EFS to be sure, but those crawfish are just little seafoods boiled in water. Not bad really. What’s going to get me is the gi-normous cheeseburger I will be eating because there is no way in hell I am eating that. We have a beautiful blue one in our fishtank. Creepy to look at. Creepier to chew. Pets! Not Pots!

But it doesn’t matter anyway, because after all that “exercise” I forgot to buy the damn burgers. I also forgot to get beer, water, and soda for the party WE are having Sunday. It’s the boyfriends birthday and we have the family and friends over. More dips and chips and CAKE!!. So basically, I have to make a whole other trip in the morn to get what I should have got in the first place. I’m just going to Jewel though. Close and fast. Have to get home and exercise!

So that’s the whole story. This is where I would usually sum up with a perfectly placed playlist, wrapping the sordid tale into a neat package and putting a name on it. But I’m expanding now, so I’ll give you the idea, and you have to look at the next post. Keeps it easier in the whole;  filter out the junk just to see the music;  You’ll thank me later when you don’t have to look at all this just to get to this:

Was going to do a “You made it! Congrats! ” list. Or a “Dropped things, feeling lighter” you know, that type. BUT then, my children gave me the inspiration I needed to really bring something good to the party tale…non-stop arguing over who gets to sit in the front seat. Back and forth. It’s my turn. No mine. You went last. No you did. I get two turns then next time. No, one. Two. One. Two. One. Two. One.   AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

I told them at the store when I let them out of the trunk that they were directly responsible for today’s list. The knock-down-drag-out-can’t-we-all-just-get-along “FIGHT” List. Enjoy! (Remember–its the next post–or if you are reading this at a normal time, and in the order they get placed–it was the post before this because this is first…and that was newest…well whatever—I’ll work on that—post the list first, THEN the preview–ha-smarter every second! At any rate you probably already know what the list is, but now you have the story behind it and it will be that much better.)

fyi–the kids weren’t really in the trunk–that was creative license—don’t call the authorities—thank you.

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