Sad news from our aqua-world.

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Something was wrong with Mason’s puffy-eye goldfish for quite some time now, but we didn’t know what. We could tell though, that it didn’t look good. And survival of whatever ailed it was not hopeful. After a hard fought battle, he struggled desperately this week to live,  I am sorry to say, that he is gone. As of last night, I found it necessary to put him out of his misery.

And without even one bit of exaggeration or sarcasm, I really felt sorry for that poor fish. And I am not ashamed to say that I cried. In fact, I am crying  right now typing about him. Watching him try to eat and breathe and swim was just awful. If you could imagine yourself ever wondering if fish have feelings or if they suffer at all, you would know that it could be true looking at this particular goldfish.

I watched him a few nights ago searching the water for food. I could tell he was having a hard time finding it. He used to have very big bags around his eyes when we first got him, that’s the type he was. Just recently, the puffs were beginning to grow again. Sometimes they do. Unfortunately his life was rough from the start. We didn’t know at the time that those kind of goldfish are susceptible to getting those baggy eyes punctured. Which happened almost immediately. The internet said he may die from it. But he didn’t. In fact, he recovered and looked better than ever.

Then a few of the other goldfish Mason had in his tank started to attack him. They eventually ended up nipping off one of his three, long, tail fins. Then just as abruptly, they stopped. The puffy-eye seemed fine even after that. He swam a little weirdly and not always straight, but he was very tough and endearing and had personality, if a fish can, and we really fell in love with him.

Let me just say here, that we have had A LOT of fish come through this house. I mean, A LOT, a lot. And we have dealt with many dead fish so it’s not like we are over prone to fish affection but, this one really did seem special. It’s weird until you own a really good one and then you see. At any rate these last few weeks we watched him suddenly grow bigger and bigger. His body started to get fatter and fatter as if he was going to burst. We managed to get one picture of him, looking pretty good for all his trouble. You can kind of see where he was becoming so fat. In the last 2 days his scales seemed to be lifting off of him and I knew we were close to the end.

Then last night when I went in to feed him, puffy-eye was laying at the bottom, kind of half-in and half-out of Mason’s decoration Colosseum. He was gasping but not moving. It didn’t look like he would be able to get himself out of there. So, I nudged him free and he floated helplessly to the top, just staring at me, gasping for air (?).  I couldn’t stand it. He LOOKED miserable. I don’t care what anyone says, that fish was not without some kind of pain. So I ended it for him. And I cried.

I feel kind of silly for being overly emotional about a fish, but he was part of the Aqua-World that we have been creating all the years of my children’s lives. And I cried, because Mason and Stevie really loved that fish too, and they weren’t here to see him go. They knew when they left that there was a good chance he would be gone by the time they get home next week, but I was kind of hoping that little guy could have made it, or suddenly got better and been perfectly normal again. But it was not to be.

So this is my little eulogy to another fish that has swam in and swam out of our lives yet again. He was a funny, puffy, silly, lopsided little fish that we adored.

Rest in Peace.


And if you would like to read more about the love these little fish seem to invoke, please click here.

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It’s Wednesday, so it must be raining again.

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And it is! What a shock. They said 70’s with storms later in the day, but it has been raining since early morning. The only variation is how hard it’s raining at any one time. Ooh–Update! Thunder and lightning now!

Plus, I had to take my mom to the doc again, and it likes to rain on those days too. Chicago was doomed from dawn.

Mom is done. I am not running today. Only 3 more days to Run Wild. I’ll probably do another quick run tomorrow and hang it up for the week…It’s not like I’m going to get any faster. Watch the diet and avoid alcohol and I should be fine for Saturday morning!

Anyway, I’m home, sitting in the rainy-day-dark and getting ready to post my son’s story. He wrote me a story! It will be scanned and then translated for you to read. I just finished watching a Stevie Nicks mini-concert on the television so I can get back to work here.  Busy busy… She’s my favorite in case you were wondering…my daughter’s name might have been a clue, but you never know—depends on your age and musical persuasion.

Anyhow, Mason first, with the story.

Then Stevie, with my very favorite homework assignment she gets: Picture Dictionary!! It’s words and definitions that she has to draw pictures for. I think it’s cool and so creative. She thinks they’re terrible. Either way, they’re all scanned in and ready to go.

Music later. I have a good play list too—dedicated to my daughter’s hilarious friends…I’ll work it in somewhere.

Story below:

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