Blatant second attempt at generating more traffic tonight. Trying to get Super 3000! And a disturbing dream I had days ago…

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Read This. My first shameless self-promotion post.

I’ve made it so easy! Time is ticking. I’m feeling a little sickling…Really. I don’t know what it was, or is, but I feel kind of yucky all of the sudden.

Anderson Cooper, on Regis & Kelly today (he filled in) said that no one wants to hear other people’s dreams. Ever. Even close friends and family, he said, “It’s like, no, no, don’t tell me…ugh…too late…bored.”

Kelly disagreed. Some dreams can be interesting, she said.

Well pick a side, because here is one of mine.

I had it 3 or 4 nights ago, but I can’t forget it. It basically starts….fuzzy stuff…and I’m in a garage. At a party. There is a lot of drinking going on. Not by me, but by these three tall guys standing by the open garage door. When suddenly, one of the drinking guys somehow manages to trip the switch that makes the garage door start to close. But he doesn’t move out of the way. He just stands under it watching it come down on top of him. We, on the inside are yelling for him to move, but he’s not. It finally closes right on top of him, and it’s really wide, with some kind of hollow spot, because he’s kind of inside the door itself. But now he’s on the outside so I can’t see him. After a minute, the door raises and there he is, laying on the ground with a huge gash, shaped like a big teardrop on the side of his head near his eye. I rush over to him to help, and one of his friends is pulling it open and closing it with his fingers, saying, “Look at this, look at this!” I said, “Stop doing that!” And I kneel over him, trying to keep him still and he grips my back really tight like he’s trying to hug me, and his eyes are droopy and fading out. I say, “Don’t worry, the paramedics are coming. They’ll get you out of here. Don’t worry.” But he just keeps gripping me, quietly fading out. Then the ambulance arrives and the paramedic says to me, “Man, I love it when you med students are first on the scene, you always clean up everything so nice.” I just glanced over a little and mumbled as they pulled him away from me. They got him in the ambulance and started to drive when I suddenly realized what the paramedic said to me. I turned toward the ambulance and said out loud, “There was no blood! He was drinking and there was no blood.” As if this was very significant. But they were gone and I woke up.

Those words have been going through my head for the last three or four days now. He was drinking and there was no blood. It feels like it means something, but I can’t make the connection.

It’s been a long time since I had a dream that stayed with me this long and so clearly. It’s weird. But does it mean anything? I don’t know.

So what’s the consensus? Dream Talk: good or bad? Any ideas? He was drinking. And there was NO blood.

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New Feature!! Weird Shit That You Find Around Your House

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I apologize for the graphic nature of my headline…but I needed to GRAB your attention!!

After lounging around the pool all weekend and reading the “Star” Magazine and “US Weekly”, I have decided that I will no longer be just a “blogger”.

No, no, no. I read the gossip about Ashley Olsen and how weird she is, by a source who WAS revealed. Revealed by himself, but still. And he wasn’t just some guy on the street, or some guy on the same plane, as it turns out, with a celebrity. He (I don’t remember the name) referred to himself as a Manhattan-Based Internet Personality.

So please, from now on, I am a “CHICAGO-Based Internet Personality.” That’s right. I’m a somebody. I’m a STAR! And here’s my first stellar post as an “Internet Personality”:

What the hell is this?? We found it on the floor in the utility room. No one knows what  or where it came from. But in the interest of world-wide celebrity, I thought of my adoring fans-to-be and put it here, for you, to speculate upon while basking in my fabulous, “personality”.

You are welcome.

It's flexible, plastic and rubbery feeling. It stretches if you pull it without breaking. Looks like it fits into something or around something like an inlay, but we couldn't find anything missing a rubbery 3-loop thingy. Mysterious. And Weird Shit!

It's flexible, plastic and rubbery feeling. It stretches if you pull it without breaking. Looks like it fits into something or around something, like an inlay, but we couldn't find anything missing a rubbery, 3-loop thingy. Mysterious. Weird Shit!

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Cool Word of the Day!

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My original word was going to be “curious” (for my son–he wrote a little story for me featuring that word–to be posted in a few, after I scan it in and translate)–but while I was looking up that word, I came across this word:

Curium (noun) (Symbol Cm)

Definition: A metallic synthetic radioactive element.

I love that what it is, has describing words longer than the word itself. And it’s fun to say: Metallic synthetic radioactive element. Say it out loud at a party and sound smart!

Here’s curious too, in case you were…

Curious (adjective)

Definition: Eager to acquire knowledge; Inquisitive: prying; Strange: singular

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