Pneumonia Anyone?

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Thank you, internet, for exactly expressing my thoughts. And a million other people’s thoughts. But seriously. I meant to post this last week when it was 90 degrees on Friday. And sweltering. Sunny. Hot. Humid. Then 40 degrees on Saturday. And raining. Thundering. Lightning. Hailing. Ice and tornadoes. Where else in the country can you run the risk of having both heatstroke and hypothermia within a 24 hour period? And potentially having all your fresh, green, spring, grass wither and turn brown today, and maybe have your house completely demolished tomorrow?

I only bring it up today, again, because yesterday was another rainy, humid day of varying temperatures. Sixty-ish. I’m told. Because I can’t remember. I was at work, and my work city doesn’t always reflect my home city. I drove in weather that ranged from so severe I could barely see through the downpour, onto a stretch of road so bone dry it looked like a wasteland. And I only commute 26 miles. Last night, cold. Well, chilly. And damp. It’s a peculiar wet-type feeling that’s not exactly uncomfortable but raises the hair on your arms. Not tropical but not mountainous either. And it was foggy. Like, ghost foggy. Scoop it up in a cup foggy. Things that jump out of the dark foggy. Say, like, dinosaurs running out from the forest. (Movie plug! We saw Jurassic World late last night. It was good. If you like dinosaurs or even think you might, just GO. It’s not a waste of your money. End of plug.) Our weather is so accommodating, to give us that slightly scary, element of surprise and effect while driving home.  Then rain and thunderstorms predicted for morning, and all day long.

Actual wake up weather today: sunny and gorgeous. Like, perfect. It’s 80 degrees already. Blue sky, white fluffy clouds. Soft breeze. It’s ridiculous.

I’d love to have a point here, or a guide for predicting and planning for the weather, but it’s mostly just observation and a little ranting. Tonight we are going to a wedding. I have no idea what the outside will be like. That’s the beauty of my little corner of Illinois. We could go in hot and come out cold. It could rain. Or it might not. Glancing outside it looks like the weather is getting ready to shift right now. I mean, it has been a whole hour. I need to go get ready and stop this foolishness. Everyone stay safe and enjoy these days and nights as you can. Later.


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Dodge Challenger 10

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This is sad. I am desperate. Thank you, honey for getting the picture, but I need MORE!

I have seen many cool Challengers on the road in the last few weeks, but they are all going in the opposite direction and I can’t get a photo opportunity quick enough. Red with black racing stripes, charcoal flat, orange, deep red/maroon; It stinks!

Unless I have the camera on and ready to take a picture at any moment while I am in the car, and practically aimed at the road… I will continue to miss these vehicles. I feel that tactic might be bordering on the crazy-compulsive rather than the quirky-compulsive that I would feel more comfortable being labeled with.

Anyway, until something better comes along…sigh…take a look at these. I enlarged the pictures as much as I could with my limited computer skills and free computer imaging software, while still trying to maintain photo recognition. And we have:

The "bad" one first. Squint and look deep into the mirror. The reflection is the car.

The "bad" one first. Squint and look deep into the mirror. The reflection is the car.

And there it goes! You've seen enough by get the idea.

And there it goes! You've seen enough by get the idea.

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